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6 trends in eCommerce website design to make your client sites convert

Updated: Jan 31

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It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve and your competition with eCommerce growing dramatically in size and value. In 2018, 1.7 billion customers bought $2.8 trillion worth of retail goods online. Industry experts predict online consumerism will increase to 2.1 billion in 2021, and global eCommerce sales will soar to $4.8 trillion.

That’s a lot of potential profit to capitalize on. But, how can you turn eCommerce potential into reality? It begins with a great website that leverages the latest ways to build your client’s success—and yours too.

These seven trends identified by industry experts, can help eCommerce website developers deliver superior online experiences by increasing website speed, convenience, and personalization.

To help you and your clients stay ahead of the curve, take advantage of these 6 trends in eCommerce website design.

1. Go all-out on video

2. Create videos with consumers in mind

3. Add a live chat for real-time engagement

4. Optimize your sites for mobile

5. Sell across multiple channels

6. Offer more ways to pay

1. Go all out on video

Video content isn’t new, but its value keeps growing because it’s so well-suited for eCommerce customers. Studies show that 85% of customers say they want to see more videos from brands. And that’s good for your site, because it keeps consumers on your page for longer, around 2.6x. Which makes sense. From a consumer’s perspective, a product seems more credible if there’s a video showing how it looks and acts in real life.

Aside from adding credibility, video is better for SEO. A website with video is 53x more likely to reach the front page of Google.

Video content has a greater marketing ROI. Marketing professionals say conversion rates are higher using videos than any other content.