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10 essential ways to improve B2B websites in 2020

Updated: Jan 31

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B2B eCommerce overflows with opportunity. In 2020, global sales are predicted to top $6.6 trillion, blowing away the $3.2 trillion projected for B2C sales. At the same time, the demographics of B2B buyers are changing dramatically, and that will have a big impact on B2B eCommerce website design.

Today, 73% of those involved in B2B purchase decisions are Millennials, between the ages of 23 and 38. Some buyers might prefer a face-to-face relationship with sales reps, but nowadays most buyers are tech-savvy and more comfortable doing business online.

That’s why industry experts say that B2B websites need to deliver visitor experiences similar to those on B2C sites—intuitive, personalized, available 24x7, and featuring bold, colourful designs. The stakes are high, because 76% of B2B customers say it’s easier than ever for them to switch brands in their search to find the best website experience.

Here are 10 ways to make sure your B2B website design delivers a visitor experience that’s more attractive and engaging for today’s B2B buyers.

1. Make your website designs bolder and simpler

2. Stand out with custom photos, illustrations, and icons

3. Jazz up your site with animated content

4. Engage site visitors with interactive content

5. Let chatbots handle customer support and B2B lead generation

6. Supercharge your B2B email marketing with personalization

7. Invest in more video

8. Dive into social media

9. Consolidate B2B marketing on a single platform

10. Optimize your site for mobile

1. Make your website designs bolder and simpler

Many B2B websites are stuck with bland designs, and that won’t cut it with today’s buyers. That’s why many industry experts say 2020 will see a strong trend toward revamping B2B websites to deliver unique, engaging and rewarding user experiences.