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A podcast about how technology is changing… everything.

Interviews with leaders defining the future of business, eCommerce, design, and development. Insights you'll need today to seize the world of tomorrow.

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Season 2 Trailer for Now What? Podcast

We’re gearing up for a brand new season of the show. Bringing you even more lessons from leaders that are reshaping business today –– with guests from Meta, Spotify, The New York Times,, and more. Short, powerful conversations to help you and your teams prepare for tomorrow’s ever-changing world today. It’s all coming in the second season of the Webby Award-nominated series –– Now What? by Wix. Subscribe and follow the show to get new episodes very soon.

September 8, 2022 | 2 MIN





About the show

Rob Goodman our host

Rob Goodman 
Executive Producer
at Wix

What if you could tune in to a frequency broadcasting from the future? Uncover stories from the brightest leaders in business, product development, engineering, design and eCommerce. Get a pulse on how the world is evolving and a jumpstart on what’s to come. This is Now What?, a new podcast series from Wix where we sit down with some of our super smart friends to get a sense of what they’re tackling today and the new world they’re anticipating tomorrow.

Now What? is hosted by Rob Goodman, Executive Producer at Wix. Rob is a marketer, podcaster and illustrator. He produced the Webby Award-nominated Design Better Podcast by InVision. He is also the host of the podcast Making Ways, where he’s interviewed dozens of well-known designers, founders, agency leaders and influential creators. Rob's background is at the intersection of technology and creativity. He's supported countless startups, ran content strategy at InVision, helped launch Google Play and led online marketing at Simon & Schuster.

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A podcast about hypergrowth 


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