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Images of a website and mobile app experience created with the Wix mobile app.

The Complete Mobile App for Your Business

Create and manage your website directly from the Wix mobile app. Invite customers to join you on the app so they can easily buy products, read blogs, book services and more.

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Images of the stages of creating a website with the Wix mobile app.

Create a Website Instantly from Your Mobile

  • Build a website from your mobile in a few steps

  • Upload pictures directly from your mobile device

  • Customize the text and images and add pages to your website


Build and Manage Your Online Store

  • Manage your inventory and upload product images seamlessly

  • Take payments, fulfill customer orders and add tracking numbers

  • Offer coupons and special discounts to boost sales

 Image of managing online store with the Wix mobile app.
 Image of creating a blog post with the Wix mobile app.

Run Your Blog From Your Phone

  • Draft, edit and share your blog posts from the Wix mobile app

  • Get more views by notifying your audience when you publish something new

  • Let your audience read and comment on their mobile


Stay Connected to Your Members

  • Send push notifications to members about your latest updates

  • Increase customer loyalty by sending exclusive offers to members

  • Remind members to book or RSVP to events or classes 

A fitness studio using the Wix mobile app to send push notifications to members.
 Images showing how you can take bookings with the Wix mobile app.

Let Clients Book and Make Payments on the Go

  • Manage your sessions, staff and bookings calendar 

  • Get details on who is attending your sessions

  • Check-in clients and accept commission-free payments

  • Offer pricing plans to boost revenue


Chat Live with Visitors

  • Set up automatic greetings to engage visitors via live chat

  • Reply instantly to messages from site visitors

  • Use live chat to close deals and send coupons to boost sales

Images showing live chat through the Wix mobile app.
 Images showing how you can track sales analytics in the mobile app.

Track Analytics in Real-Time

  • View live stats on how many people are interacting with your site

  • Track which campaigns are bringing you the most traffic

  • See how your online store is performing over different time periods

  • Monitor how many people have read and shared your blog


Build a Mobile Community Around Your Business

  • Invite visitors to become part of your community on the Wix mobile app

  • Start discussions and share important updates just for your community

  • Let members easily connect with other members who share the same interests

Images showing the mobile experience of the Wix mobile app.

Boost Your Business with a Mobile App Experience  

Get a customizable, secure and private mobile app experience for your business and members.

Dashboard View

You Can: 

  • Sell products and services

  • Write a blog

  • Take bookings and payments

  • Create marketing campaigns

  • Track business analytics 

Member View

Your Members Can:

  • Purchase your merchandise

  • Read and share blog posts

  • Book classes and pay anytime

  • Get exclusive offers

  • Join your interest groups and forums

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Get the Wix mobile app to stay connected to your visitors and manage your business - anytime, anywhere

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