Get Help with Your Site’s Small Tasks 

Hire a Wix Partner to get small-scale projects done fast.

Starting at $50 / hour

Update Your Site

Hire a Partner to optimize your site by adding a page or making minor technical adjustments.

Starting at $20

Set up a Custom Email Address

Hire a Partner to help you set up a business email address that matches your domain, like

Starting at $20

Connect a Custom Domain

Hire a Partner to help you set up your own domain and connect it to your website.

Starting at $20

Connect Google Analytics

Hire a Partner to connect Google Analytics to your site so you can get detailed info on your visitor traffic.

Starting at $20

Install Apps

Hire a Partner to add professional Wix apps like Forum, Blog, Events, Bookings, Store and Chat to your site.

Starting at $20

Install Facebook Pixel

Hire a Partner to install Facebook Pixel on your site, and start tracking your visitor engagement.

Starting at $50 / hour

Get Website Guidance

Hire a Partner to review your site’s design and functionality, and drive visitor engagement.

Hire a Wix Partner for Your Project Today 

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