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Feed For Microsoft Ads
By Shopping Cart Apps
30 day free trial

Feed For Microsoft Ads

By Shopping Cart Apps
Sell products on Bing & Microsoft Ads network.
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30 day free trial
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  • Feed For Microsoft Ads Overview

        Go Beyond Google & Facebook: The Microsoft Ads Network includes Bing, Yahoo, MSN and other top web destinations.
        Instant Feed Generation on Install: No mapping product attributes required.
        Automatic Product Update: No more manually resubmitting and managing feeds!
        Feed Specific Optimizations: Optimize product data for Microsoft Ads to gain an edge
    Overview Advertise your products on Microsoft Ads with this dedicated app built to meet the Microsoft Ads Merchant Center Feed Specifications. Once your store's products are approved in Microsoft Ads Merchant Center you'll be able to create Shopping Campaigns (similar to Google Shopping) to advertise on Bing, Yahoo, MSN and other top web destinations. FAQs What will I get when I install this app? You'll get an instant feed url to copy and paste in your Microsoft Ads Merchant Center Catalog settings. If you're new to Microsoft Ads, we offer a complete guide to get started with Bing Shopping campaigns tailored just for Wix. When will my products be visible on Bing? After setup it can take up to 5 business days for Microsoft Ads to approve your products. Where do my products show up? On Bing Search/Images/Shopping results as well as partner sites such as AOL, Yahoo and more. Why do I want to be displayed on Bing? Bing Shopping is the fastest growing comparison shopping engine behind Google with less competition. We make it easy to be a part of the action. How does pricing work? Simple. Free 30 day trial. After 30 days, pick a plan that works for you.
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