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To add Anchors, go to the Editor on your desktop

Make long scrolling pages more user friendly by letting 

your audience jump forward.

Show your audience all the options & let them decide where to go on your page.

Tell Your Audience

an Interactive Stor y

Make your pages fun & playful to keep visitors engaged. 

How to Drop an Anchor

1.   In the Editor, click Add

      choose Buttons & Menus

2.   Click Anchor, name it & 

      drag it where you’d like 

3.   Link an image, button or 

      text to the Anchor

Ready to Give it a Go?

Navigate through 

a Sea of Content

Anchors away with this great feature in just a few clicks

Anchor 1
Anchor 2
Anchor 3
Anchor 4
Anchor 5
Anchor 21

Let Visitors Choose 

Their Own Course

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