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Graphic featuring https text and top level domains .net, .com and .info.

Build your brand
with a custom domain

Create a website, search available domain names and buy your own, plus get all the tools you need to succeed online.

The homepage of an online store that sells ceramics with the image of a vase.
Home page featuring an example of a custom domain for an online sunglasses business.
Homepage of a home appliance shop featuring a lamp.

Keep your info secure

Keep your personal information safe and avoid unwanted spam with Wix’s private domain registration.

Connect an existing domain

Already have a domain? Connect it to

a Wix site or transfer your registration and manage everything in one place.

Get reliable web hosting

All Wix sites come with free web hosting and advanced security monitoring so your site is always up and running.

Establish your business
online with a custom domain.

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