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Get Your Photography Seen by Millions

Everything You Need to Know

It’s easy to enter for the opportunity of a lifetime - all you need is a Wix portfolio website. Read this quick FAQ to get answers to all your questions.

What is Wix.com?

Wix is the easiest way to create your stunning website. Our powerful technology makes it easy for everyone to get online with a stunning, professional and functional web presence. No creative limits, no coding – just complete freedom to express yourself and manage your entire business online. Today, over 87 million people in over 190 countries choose Wix.

What is this competition?

Wix lets photographers showcase their work exactly how they want, in the highest image quality online. Now we’re going one step further.


Photographers who submit their Wix portfolio website will have their work reviewed by top industry editors. Those editors will choose three photographers to get the opportunity of a lifetime: shooting  the cover of the holiday issues of Brides or Condé Nast Traveler, or assisting on a Vanity Fair cover shoot. The three winners will also receive a ⅓ page spread about their work in the magazine they shoot.

What are the submission dates?

July 26th to August 9th.

When will the judges review my portfolio?

August 10th-25th.  

How much will this cost me?

Nothing. Creating a Wix portfolio website is completely free.

How can I submit my portfolio website?

First, publish your portfolio website by going to Wix.com, choosing your template and adding your photography. Use the Wix Pro Gallery to showcase your photos exactly how you want, and customize your portfolio website to look stunning. Then, go to the submission page and submit it. It’s that easy.

I don’t have a Wix website. Can I still be a part of this competition?

Nope. But creating your Wix portfolio website is easy and free. Start with a beautiful template »

Will all submissions be accepted and reviewed by the editors?

No. Submitted portfolio websites must follow the competition’s Terms and Conditions.

How will I know if my submission was successfully submitted?

As soon as you submit your portfolio website, you should immediately get an email telling you we received your submission. If your portfolio does not meet the Terms and Conditions, we will notify you with an email as soon as possible.

If my portfolio was rejected, can I resubmit it?

Of course. If your portfolio was rejected, please reread our Terms and Conditions and edit your site so that it follows them closely. Then resubmit your portfolio the same way you did the first time and you’ll get a new link to share your submission.

My photography is not shot on a professional camera. Does it still count?


How can I share my submission, and why is that important?

Accepted submissions will be displayed in the submission gallery, and you’ll receive a unique link to share your portfolio. While the judges review your work, get some love by sharing your portfolio and showing everyone your stunning photography.

Can I submit more than once?

You can submit your portfolio once per magazine, meaning 3 times.

Ready to shoot the cover of a major magazine?