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Elegant Logo Inspirations

Create your own unique elegant logo in minutes. Get inspired by these elegant logos designed by real users and create yours today.

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Elegant Logo Design Tips

Know Your Audience

Does your customer base like the finer things in life? Do you sell luxury goods or want to portray a feeling of sophistication? If so, then an elegant logo is for you. It will show customers that your product or service offers them nothing but the best.

Play with Typography

When it comes to choosing fonts for your elegant logo design, you’ll want to choose one that’s clean and chic. Calligraphic and Serif fonts are great choices for this reason. Many elegant logos just use typography in their design. This makes the choice of font that much more important.

Keep Colors Basic

For this type of logo, you’ll want to keep your color scheme very basic. White and black will give your brand a feeling of formality and elegance that can be paired with a font color. For other color choices, try and use classic muted shades and pastels.

Make it Memorable

Symbols aren’t an essential element of an elegant logo, in fact many higher-end brands go without. But if you do decide to add an icon, shape or symbol to your logo, you will need to keep it simple to stay in line with the other elements.

Get Your Elegant Logo Today

Your logo is a symbol of your brand. It’s also an opportunity for you to tell your story. Choose your own color palette, design, font & more. Explore ideas that connect to your brand. Just answer a few questions to get your own professional logo today.

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