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Modern Logo Inspirations

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Modern Logo Design Tips

Know Your Audience

Are you a start-up business wanting to convey to your audience that you're a modern company looking to disrupt the marketplace? If you are then, a modern logo design will suit you to a tee. This style of logo design takes a minimalist and timeless design using clean lines at its core.

Play with Typography

For this type of logo design, the prevailing font used is a Sans Serif font. This gives your brand a very clean look and has the added benefit of being very easy to read—no matter where it’s being seen. To make your font unique, experiment with the things like spacing and slant.

Keep Colors Basic

For this type of logo, you’ll want to keep your color scheme very basic. White and black will give your brand a feeling of formality and elegance that can be paired with a bold font color. Be sure to research your competitors’ color scheme in order to stand apart from them.

Make it Memorable

Symbols aren’t an essential element of an elegant logo, in fact, many modern-day brands go without. But if you do decide to add an icon, shape or symbol to your logo, you will need to keep it simple to stay in line with the other elements.

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