Wix Lithuania: On a Quest For Fun

Photographic evidence suggests that our Vilnius office gang can sure have a good time even during a pandemic

During the past year, Lithuanians often jokingly told each other how badly they were waiting for the pandemic to be over so they could leave behind the universal social distancing standard of 2 meters and return to their Lithuanian comfort zone of 4 meters.

However, it turned out that in reality, our crew in Lithuanian really misses working and hanging out together. Apart from being an innovative groundbreaking tech company, Wix has always been known as a fun place to work in, with lots of collaborative team building activities. Since we’ve always valued this culture, we made sure to make any effort to preserve it in all circumstances, and this past year hasn’t been different.

Wix Lithuania's Country Manager, Monika Laukaitė, says that talking to our employees before choosing the type of activities, is crucial. “We don’t meet colleagues in the corridor or by coffee machine anymore, but we do talk with people all the time and try to understand what their needs are and what are their family’s needs. It’s like talking to our users”, she says.

“These discussions led to many ideas, and as a result outdoor activities were initiated because people asked for anything that’s not on Zoom and outdoor activities are probably the safest option nowadays. The pandemic showed how much we love talking, being together and how much we miss each other. When we produced our annual Winter party this year - which was online - we realized that we can even dance together, remotely. It really doesn’t matter if you work in an office or remotely, but it’s important to feel that you belong to some kind of community”.

Here are just a few examples of the things our Vilnius team has been doing together in the past year or so, apart from working.

C’mon Kids, Let’s Turn You Into Easter Bunnies!

During the very first lockdown we kicked off our “pandemic-mode” activities with a very serious online bunny building session in Easter 2020

Happy Families May Be All Alike, Except the Wix Family, Which is More Fun!

Our Family Day picnic last July was taken over by vandalists, hooligans and some dudes reclaiming the “wet t-shirt contest” format

Wake Up and Smell the Water!

It was an early August morning when a team of geeks found itself floating downriver on SUPs, and lived to tell

Day Trippers

Just some engineers on a breezy stroll through the woods last August. Move along. Nothing to see here


Fluffy was the only one with mixed feelings about returning to the office, but later on he dominated the table

Drive to Survive, The Wix Way

Sometimes you just gotta jump in a car with a few office friends and race against your colleagues in the Wix rally challenge last August

Let’s Drink to That!

Many times Wix will send you gifts without any special reason or occasion. This one, sent out to all our employees in Lithuania last December, didn’t follow that trend

Party Time, Excellent

Let it be known that if we can’t bring you to the party, we’ll bring the party to you! Our 2021 Winter party was HOT!

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Soap

Making homemade cosmetics with your friends on Zoom has never been easier, and by easier we mean messier

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