What Does a User Researcher at Wix Do? Meet Dan

Name: Dan Jagoda

Role: User Researcher, User Growth & Success team, BA group

Joined Wix: August 2021

Hey Dan, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to Wix

“Before joining Wix, I started my PhD in computational neuroscience at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I already held a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in strategic marketing. I thought that computational neuroscience would allow me to combine these two but I quickly realized that I wanted to work in a different field. Particularly, I wanted to be able to combine my analytical research skills with creativity and to merge routine with flexibility and change. With a start-up mentality in its core, I was convinced that Wix would provide these opposing dynamics.

“When I decided that I don’t want to proceed with my PhD, I talked to a good friend who worked at Wix and a couple of days later he told me about an open position. The team was looking for someone with a background in human-computer-interaction, psychology and marketing and my resume ticked all the boxes so I immediately applied.”

What do you do at Wix?

“I work as a User Researcher. I am part of the User Growth & Success team within the BA group. The team consists of Data Analysts who are responsible for quantitative analysis and User Researchers who are responsible for qualitative analysis.

“I reach out to users, I interview them, I try to understand their issues, their experience with Wix and first and foremost, their journey with us. The main aim of my team is to understand how we can help our users to grow their success. To do that, we need to get a clear understanding of how our users define, measure and maintain success and how we at Wix align the businesses’ success with Wix’s success.

“During my day-to-day, I browse through many websites. I identify patterns and segments of all sorts within and across different industries and report them back to the data analysts of our team. Together, we create a model to categorize users into different tiers and segments according to their level of success and site goal. Based on that model, we want to help our users become more successful by providing empirical-based personalized recommendations and advice.

“What I particularly like about my role is the ability to combine my research skills with interactive work. My role allows me to reach out to many inspiring users to brainstorm with them and to come up with new, creative ideas. My work is innovative, fast-paced, dynamic and creative at once. Particularly, I enjoy the diversity and flexibility in my daily work activities.”

What keeps you at Wix?

“At Wix I feel heard. As part of a team with people from all sorts of different industries, I learn something new almost every day. At the same time, I contribute knowledge and skills from my personal background.

“One of our main aims as a team is to create an all-embracing working environment, including insights from all sorts of different industries. This motivates me to tap into new, unexplored fields and to push the boundaries of what has been possible so far. On a regular basis, I am given the chance to face new challenges and to solve problems in a self-directed, independent manner. At the same time, there is always room to consult with colleagues, in and outside of my team. That way, I met many great and inspiring people that taught me new, valuable skills and some of them actually became great friends. Wix offers a unique work environment in which both the people and the work matters.

Within Wix, we talk a lot about “the Wix way” of doing things. Can you describe what it means to you?

“To me The Wix way is based on speed, innovation and a ‘let’s-do-this’ attitude. Although Wix has grown a lot, we still have a strong start-up work ethic here. Like a child that learns to walk, we fall, we get up, we try again, we adapt and we grow. There’s no room for judgment. Some failures are inevitable and we see them as a part of the process. Additionally, we integrate past experience and insights from across the organization into cohesive strategies to leverage innovation.”

Can you share something substantial you’ve learned during your time at Wix?

“I understand the significance of Wix’s internal organizational structure. I remember sitting in a conference room with my former manager on my first day of work. She talked me through all the different guilds and companies within the organization. Wix is composed of companies (business units) and guilds (professional communities). The guild is in charge of the professional level and professional growth of all its members.

“I recall that she drew a huge mind map on the white board, adding arrows, connecting dots and subcategories all over the drawing. It was difficult for me to follow, but I nodded politely and knew it would take me some time to understand all the different connections. Now after 8 months of working at Wix, I understand that the richness of our internal structure demonstrates a substantial part of the company’s success.

“One of my first tasks here was to conduct professional interviews with our users. I was intimidated, overwhelmed and scared. In addition, there was no one on my team at that time that I could join in one of these interviews and learn from them. The quickest and easiest way was to reach out to people from other groups at Wix that held similar, yet different conversations with users. Immediately, they offered me to join one of their interviews. During that time, I learned that Wix still has that startup energy and that teamwork makes the dream work.”

Any tips for people who want to grow at Wix?

“I have quite a few! If you want to grow at Wix, allow yourself to be thrown into cold water. Allow yourself to take on tasks that you have not taken on yet. Learn from your team members who come from different backgrounds, with different academic and work experience. Share your thoughts and do not shy away from contributing your ideas to improve the Wix product and its success. Learn from your colleague’s feedback and integrate it into your work. Together with your skillset that brought you to Wix in the first place, this is a recipe for self-growth and becoming more innovative and productive with every step of the way.”

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