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“In Austin, I Learned That the Culture at Wix is Universal”

Kyle Davis joined us at the height of the pandemic after losing his previous job. A few months later, when a brutal ice storm hit Texas and left his family stranded, he found out what The Wix Way means to him

Kyle Davis started his career in medieval-like worlds filled with fire-breathing dragons and sword wielding skeletons. It may sound like the beginning of a tale set in a distant realm, but in reality the time was August 2010, the place was Austin, Texas, and the job was helping Blizzard Entertainment gamers when they were struggling with technical difficulties in the rich online worlds of World of Warcraft, Diablo and others. Kyle started off as a customer support agent and worked his way into management, coaching teams of up to 30 agents.

After five years at Blizzard, Kyle took an offer from another company to build a new call center from the ground up, and that led him to 2 similar jobs in the tech-support industry. In early 2020 he started his first ever sales position, but when the pandemic struck, he and his colleagues in Austin were laid off.

“Throughout the next two weeks I was caught in a whirlwind of emotions worrying what to do given what the world decided to put in my lap, all at once. I was worried about how I’d support my wife, my dogs, my house, cars, bills, etc. However, the following week I received a phone call out of the blue from my manager. She had mentioned there being talks in the woodwork regarding an opportunity with another company called for a Customer Care team in Austin, Texas. She was curious if I’d be interested in joining.

“As soon as I heard the words that came out of her mouth I was jumping up and down, freaking out. Part of the reason was, of course, getting a job during a time I needed it the most but mainly because, being a tech geek at heart, I was intimately familiar with Wix’s cutting-edge platform. I honestly felt that this was one of those ‘stars aligning’ moments because having done technical support my entire career I knew I could help support my team, with confidence. It all worked out in the weeks that passed and then I was hired on as a Customer Care Expert”.

What was it like to start a new job during the height of the pandemic?

“The pandemic had its challenges but it felt good knowing that I had friends going through the same situation and we were all learning together. Each one of us took a leap of faith and switched from a sales based position to Customer Care nearly overnight.

“The most impactful experiences were absolutely with each and every Wix employee I was able to meet. Beginning with my trainer, all the way to the people I’ve had the pleasure to meet all across the globe - in Dublin, Tel Aviv, Kiev, San Francisco, Miami, Denver, Cedar Rapids and other places.

“I’ve learned that the Culture here at Wix is universal across each office you visit, because the people here at Wix care for each other, our clients, and a shared passion for making and supporting the best products”.

What are you looking forward to when we return to normality?

“One of the most challenging obstacles throughout the pandemic has been being siloed at the house for as long as we have. I miss being able to work side by side with my friends and colleagues and seeing their faces. I miss being able to walk through the streets of downtown Austin during my lunch breaks. I miss listening to the everyday noises of downtown Austin, lively, with chatter, live music, and people enjoying their day with a smile on their face”.

We talk a lot about “The Wix Way”. What does it mean to you?

“The Wix Way is a phrase that is defined by the things the people of Wix choose to do. However, before I can begin to describe what this phrase means to me, I have to share the experience that solidified its definition in mind.

“This February, Texas had one of the worst ice storms, and it lasted a full week. It was on the first day that the Texas power grid became overloaded and began to fail in my area. After having no electricity for 3 days, my wife and I had to seek shelter at a relative's house. We were lucky enough to have a family member with a 4x4 truck that could travel through the thick ice to come pick us up, but didn't have enough room for more than our dogs and a bag of clothes.

“Wix had offered many times to bring us to a hotel, transportation, or anything else that would help our situation, and it was on the 4th day that our family ran out of food and with the water plant becoming contaminated, we ran out of water as well. I was going to end up walking through the thick layers of ice to find an open store, when, unexpectedly, Wix reached out again to deliver us food.

“After a while we got a large warm meal that my wife, her mother, myself, and my wife's 10 year old brother were able to eat that night, and enough water to last us through the weekend. It wasn’t until the storm cleared and we were back in the office that I found out all of the coordination and assistance that was offered came proactively from other Wix employees across the globe that heard about what we were going through and wanted to help. So in short, being hired in the middle of a pandemic and having my family kept safe through a crisis are just two examples of experiences that have defined what ‘The Wix Way’ means to me”.

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