A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Manager

Jonathan Hafferkamp took us through a typical day of his work at Wix. This is what it looks like


I prefer to start the day early, so I get up around 7am and wake up the family cat, Mr. Moo. He’s usually pretty excited to get up because that means he gets to eat breakfast. Usually I spend a little bit right off the bat getting situated, reviewing any emails or slack messages, and prioritizing my day. Depending on the day, we can get quite a few messages from clients and team members overnight (we have offices and customers all over the world), so typically I’ll work through these to see what we need to tackle first.

After I get my meetings and emails situated, I’ll review open issues and see which clients I’m speaking with later in the day. Today I’m working with a few of our top sellers and doing monthly check-in’s, so I want to make sure that I review their sites, see if they’re running any sales, and review any past issues or questions they’ve sent my way. I note a few open issues we will need to address, as well as a few new features for us to review together. I want to use these chats as a chance to demo functionality that will help them, such as integrations that just came out or any ideas I have to upgrade their site.


By now I’m needing a little bit of a boost, so I’ll whip up a chai tea latte. My day is just getting started and I’m starting to take calls, first off is chatting with a client that needs some advice with their fulfillment process. I walk them through a few options, make sure they understand the potential benefits and shortcomings, and then demo what it would actually be like for customers on their site. As a top users CSM, my role is to help them get the most out of Wix, so I always ask if they have any other questions or issues they’re facing currently.

Sometimes it leads to some great discussions and feedback, and today was no exception. Their team mentioned that they need additional ways to bring in revenue for their business (they manufacture custom leather goods), so I suggest that they try taking advantage of the various sales channels available through Wix. Basically, these channels allow for them to sync their inventories and automatically create orders when someone selects their products on a social media platform or store. Since they already have a pretty solid social media presence, I focus on Facebook and Instagram sales channels, but also make sure to mention Amazon and Ebay as potential options.


I’ve finished a few quick calls and now want to review sites I plan to speak with later this afternoon. I’ll also do some quick editing in my demo sites to prepare, that way I can easily illustrate suggestions and make things a little more visual. I spend quite a bit of time getting the details just right for one of my top clothing brand stores since I know they’re very focused on the details and won’t want to adopt my ideas unless they can see a super polished version and actually try processing a purchase.

After I feel ready for everything, I take the extra time to respond to a few more emails and check in with some of my team. Although we chat a lot throughout the week, I like to make sure to stay in touch with everyone and collaborate as much as possible, this usually results in the most creativity and best solutions possible. Today for example, I had an urgent issue that I reviewed with a team member so we can escalate accordingly and we quickly determine other teams we need to involve so we can help the user as quickly as possible.


I get a chance to check-in with the team right before lunch. We have a few new initiatives for the week, including a monthly cadence we need to finalize and prep with what new features are coming out. Besides talking about what shows we are binging and catching up our latest client news, we also bounce ideas off of each other. One of the team members has a particularly complex request regarding tax rates for wine shipped internationally, so we end up reviewing this for a while to see what the best options are. Another has some questions regarding custom solutions using Wix Velo code, and we walk through possibilities, determining we could probably build something to solve the problem but will need to consult with some other teams.


By now I'm getting hungry, so I decide to order some Buratta and Spinach Salad from my favorite restaurant in the area. It's super delicious and easy to get down pretty quickly. Lunch also gives me a chance to take a break for a bit, listen to my favorite podcast, and get mentally prepared for the calls I have scheduled the rest of the day.


After lunch, I’ve got calls scheduled for the next few hours. This is usually the busiest part of my day and by now I’m fully fueled to carry on through into the evening. Of the 4 calls I have, almost all of my suggestions and feedback are accepted, and I also gather some great feature requests to improve our order tracking and reporting. I make sure to document the product ideas and follow up on any other outstanding emails for the day.


I’ve finished up the day, had my final calls, and now Mr. Moo reminds me it’s about time to wrap things up. This’ll include him sitting on my keyboard and staring at the screen, which pretty much halts my work in its tracks. I’ve had an eventful day and solved some big issues for our top users, plus I was able to offer some suggestions and help clients continue to grow their businesses. Now, off to go make dinner and get this cat some more food to close out the day.

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