English Blogger for the Wix Blogs

We are:

Wix Marketing Bloggers - we write and publish articles daily on the Wix Blog, Wix Photography Blog, Wix Design Blog, and other leading outlets for small businesses, web design, digital marketing, eCommerce, and arts. Overall, our articles are read by more than 1M visitors every month.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, engaging and creative content, in order to bring organic traffic to our pages, convert readers into users, educate them on our brand and products, and empower talented Wix users by showcasing their work. We also write for major external publications, both online and offline, to nurture our network of partners and spread our message to new audiences.

You are:

A native English speaker and natural-born writer. You’re able to produce and edit state-of-the-art content about any topic, based on any given brief. You have a good understanding of SEO - in particular, you know how to find and use the most relevant keywords, how Google reads and ranks blog articles, and how to optimize online content. Background in one (or more) of the following disciplines would be helpful: marketing, social media, web design, design, eCommerce.

Curiosity is your middle name, and you love to dive deep into the web to find the most valuable, reliable and up-to-date sources of information. Once you’ve gathered all your content, you know how to shape it into articles that are structured in a logical and clear way, and highly captivating. Your vision? Each of your articles should become the most authoritative source on the topic.

You’re not afraid of experimenting and you interpret data in order to continuously improve your work. You’re a real team player and are eager to handle multiple challenging projects at once. Bonus points if you can tell a good joke or two. 

As an English Blogger, you will:

  • Write articles for the Wix Blogs, and contribute to other outlets.
  • Conduct in-depth SEO research to identify the best keywords and implement them in your articles. 
  • Analyze the Blog’s performance and implement a content strategy to continuously optimize the traffic.
  • Become an authority in web design, online marketing and small businesses, by keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest Internet trends. 
  • Identify talented Wix users, curate and showcase their work, and engage with them.
  • Collaborate with different Marketing teams to initiate and manage new projects from conception to execution.