Data Curation & Labeling Team Leader

We are:

Wix’s data labeling & curation team, part of the Data Science group, responsible for the data and insights that power Wix’s ML and AI processes. At Wix, we do awesome things with AI like website design optimization, sentiment analysis, smart insights, forecasting and more. To do these, we need to have the best data and that’s where our team comes in – we find the data, sort it, label it, assess it and analyze the results. We’re key to the success of Wix’s AI projects and proud of it.

You are:

An experienced manager with great managerial and operational skills and experience (at least 2 years), including the ability to train, supervise, motivate and develop a strong team. A detail-oriented analytical individual, experienced in working with data, with an eye for accuracy and thoroughness. 

Along with having excellent communication skills, you’re also organized, self-motivated and a pro at multitasking. You’re an excellent communicator with both verbal and written capabilities of delivering results and analyses clearly. You’re independent, dedicated, responsible, a problem solver with the ability to think outside of the box.

As a Data Curation and Labeling Team Leader, you will:

  • Manage and mentor 4-5 data curators and 2 data labeling team leaders in their role of dataset creation, result evaluation & analysis, and data labeling solutions. 
  • Work closely with the data science teams and various stakeholders on strategies for executing, measuring progress, and reporting results.
  • Establish workflows, strategies for executing, measure progress and report results.
  • Identify problems and opportunities to improve tooling and implement scalable solutions.
  • Engage in strategic discussions to identify problems and tailor data solutions for ML processes.
  • Optimize data collection and manual labeling processes, manage data labeling projects and work with large amounts of data.