Backend Engineer - Local Dev Team

We are:

Wix’s Local Dev Team, part of the Wix Dev Experience group. We cultivate one of the most innovative development CI/CD systems in the world using the latest technologies. These come with over 30,000 build runs, millions of test runs, and more than 300 deployments-to-production per day. Our system is mission-critical and supports the day-to-day work of over 1,000 developers backend and frontend practicing Scala, Java, Node, Python, Go, C, and more, and using various build tools such as npm and Bazel.

The Local dev team of backend engineers focuses mainly on developing and advancing Bazel, a groundbreaking OSS build tool from Google. We’re significant contributors to its ecosystem, and since Wix is a fast growing company that needs to operate on a large scale but at full velocity, we come across a lot of unique challenges and solve many complex problems.

You are:

A talented Backend Engineer with 2+ years’ experience in backend development. You know your way around a web environment, are a capable Linux user, have great ideas and love solving problems. You’re a fast learner with a positive 'can do' attitude. You see the big picture and you get it. You are able to reason and communicate your opinions clearly and work well with others, and you’re a team player.

Bonus points if you have experience with:

  • JVM Programming Languages - Java/Scala
  • Scripting Languages - Python, bash 
  • IDE plugins development
  • Experience with Open Source development

As a Backend Engineer, you will:

  • Develop and maintain dev infrastructure tools and services for Wix developers, on their way from local dev env to production.
  • Be responsible for the design and development of complete server-side services and tools, from planning to production.
  • Contribute to the platform infrastructure, architecture, and design.
  • Research, integrate and become a community leader with cutting edge technologies.
  • Contribute to relevant open-source projects.