Restaurants - Backend Engineering position

We are:

Wix’s R&D backend team. Our 1300+ microservices are deployed on multiple data centers around the globe, processing billions of requests per day. We practice top-notch development methodologies such as TDD, CI/CD and clean code to solve some of the most challenging internet-scale problems that exist today. Our developer-centric approach places responsibility and trust on each developer on their path to production while working with cutting edge technologies. We make up 40% of Wix's workforce, and invest 20% of our time in professional development and improving our craftsmanship.

About the team:

The Restaurants backend team has one developer (we also have 5 FEDs). Most of our services are written in Scala but we have a few services in Java, making sure ~240k food orders get delivered to hungry mouths every month. Our services and datastores are spread around Wix infrastructure and Google cloud.

Joining the small-but-looking-to-grow backend team means that every developer will have as large an impact as they wish, and will work on building features around very familiar use cases, assuming they ordered food online once in their life. Or made a table reservation. Or looked at a menu.

Our responsibilities:

We have 3 main applications - Menus, Orders, and Reservations - that are supported by multiple microservices. All our APIs were built with openness in mind, meaning our FE is just another client: no internal RPCs, no security by obscurity, just standard REST APIs for anyone with curl and a keyboard (some services are behind authentication and authorization).

Our challenges:

Our systems have a lot of moving parts written in different periods of time, so the tech aspect is pretty diverse and there are a lot of areas that were created before there was an equivalent service in Wix: payments, users, native app, notifications, and analytics to name a few. One of our biggest challenges is integrating with the Wix services so our teams can focus on our core business.

New features and products are being developed alongside our shift to Wix infrastructure, so writing these new services in a way that is backward-compatible and future-proof requires good design practices to get the right architecture in place while keeping our openness principle… well, open.

What we’re looking for:

Great backend engineers who like to be involved from the architecture phase, through design and coding. 

We think this position can be a good fit for engineers who like to work in a startup-like environment, who are not afraid to re-build systems and later to own them.