Finance ops & compliance manager

We are:

Wix.com - the online platform that makes it easy for everyone to get their own professional web presence. Within the company, Wix Payments makes it easy for Wix users to make and take payments online. We’re aiming to expand our footprint in the financial ecosystem in Australia, while providing top notch financial services and making an impact on our and SMBs.

You are:

A creative Finance Ops & and Compliance Manager with at least 3 years’ experience in the finance industry. You’re passionate about making a difference in the way users consume financial services. You’re familiar with the merchant landscape, payment network rules and Australian financial service regulations. 

You’re a people person with strong business development capabilities and enough negotiation skills to promote our efforts In Australia. You’re obsessed with optimizing your time, as well as constantly improving both your, and your team’s, workflows. You’re good at finding innovative solutions to support large scale operations, can move fast to accommodate the Wix pace and have the stamina to build a strong brand for Wix financial services. 

As the Finance Ops & Compliance Manager in Australia, you will:

  • Manage Wix operations including financial & risk aspects in Australia.
  • Handle daily operations related to Wix Payments, including meeting with merchants to understand their pain points when it comes to KYC, Compliance and Fraud, working closely with support to understand where we can improve the onboarding/KYC process, work with payment providers to find solutions to ongoing issues.
  • Be the focal point for local banks and payment providers.
  • Work closely with our legal team to understand the regulatory/legal landscape in Australia.
  • Build & manage the operations required to facilitate financial services in Australia.
  • Conduct research to better understand how Wix Payments could be offered to SMBs or other relevant segments that will benefit from Wix financial services.  
  • Assist the marketing team in building the Wix Payments brand in Australia.
  • Perform KYC on Australian merchants ensuring they comply with local, bank and card scheme regulations.
  • Investigate accounts and transactions to detect suspicious or fraudulent behaviour.
  • Help build the best financial solution in the world.