Product Guild Master

We are:

Wix’s Product Managers guild. Our team impacts millions of users every day by shipping meaningful products that help them grow and manage their businesses. We solve complicated problems, and with our innovative thinking, initiate, plan and deliver state-of-the-art Wix products. 

We’re looking for a Product Guild Master to lead our product group activities in Kyiv.

You are:

A delivery-oriented team player with at least 1 year of experience in building consumer web or mobile products, with a strong passion for consumer-facing digital products. You always get things done while maintaining great team spirit. You have strong leadership skills, allowing you to set the pace and efficiently implement processes & routines.

An intelligent and curious professional, you always apply your innovative thinking to solving any problem. You know how to lead project execution from start to finish to reach business objectives, and have excellent teamwork and communication skills.

As an Operations Manager, you will:

  • Operate all guild and product management processes and activities, and take a hands-on approach to leading all internal and external operations.
  • Lead education programs for Kyiv’s product managers, including onboarding new employees, ongoing professional enrichment through mentorship and workshops, and regularly taking part in conducting product reviews to ensure best practices are being implemented across all products.
  • Plan and execute external activities in Ukraine’s product management industry, including participating in conferences, meetups and facilitating different events. 
  • Help grow the product community, plan and execute initiatives to support our goals. 
  • Work closely with the product management organization in Israel and make sure that cross-site efforts and knowledge sharing processes are implemented.
  • Play a key role in building the best product organization.