Frontend Guild Master

We are:

Wix’s Front End Engineering group with an engineering culture that embraces cutting-edge technologies, TDD, performance and clean code for our highly scalable systems that support Wix’s over 150 million users. We work in small teams, follow agile work methods and use continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies to run quickly while maintaining the high quality of our product. 

You are:

An exceptional Front End Engineer with at least 4 years’ experience. You’re really good at React and its ecosystem. You know your way around modern languages such as Typescript and ESNext. You have an infrastructure mindset. Solving an issue for you means not just using random hack, but to create a true solution that can be applied everywhere. You have experience working with build tools such as Babel, Webpack, Grunt and Gulp. You’re a self-learner, independent and a great team player who loves new challenges and can constantly switch domains.

Bonus points if you’re familiar with server-side technologies (NodeJS, Java, .NET, Python, Ruby), are a functional programming geek, have some experience in Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Delivery.

As a Frontend Guild Master you will:

  • Build rich React applications with different state-management paradigms.
  • Be a front-end special forces, joining different teams to help with challenges.
  • Help the infra team to create the best tools for our developers.
  • Push your code to millions of users every day. 
  • Improve your skills and learn from top-notch engineers. 
  • Tackle tough problems and find creative ways to solve them. 
  • Help us bootstrap new teams.