Full Stack Team Leader for CRM

Beer Sheva

We are:

Wix’s Frontend Engineering group with an engineering culture that embraces cutting-edge technologies, TDD, performance and clean code for our highly scalable systems that support Wix’s over 130 million users. We work in small teams, follow Agile work methods and use continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies to run quickly while maintaining the high quality of our product.

You are:

A leader who has the skills and passion to create a vision for your team and lead people through its execution. Your experience in team leading and mentoring engineers has made you opinionated yet humble and respectful of the opinions of others.

You’re intelligent and have a great passion for JavaScript. You’re up to date on all of the latest FED technologies & frameworks (React, Angular, Ember, etc) and you’re not a stranger to Server Side paradigms. You’re an open source contributor who’s familiar with software engineering best practices (testing, code reviews, pair programming, etc) while also keeping an eye out for bad practices and anti-patterns.

As a Fullstack Team Leader, you will:

  • Recruit top talented developers to our group.
  • Mentor and advise your team in code review, pair programming and more.
  • See the big picture of group tasks and take decisions.
  • Be an at least 80% hands-on developer as part of the team.
  • Influence on Wix Engineering by interacting with stakeholders outside the team.
  • Contribute to the engineering culture and methodologies of Wix.