Project Manager


We are:

Wix’s Customer Care Operations team. We’re a newly established global team with members in Tel Aviv, Dublin, Kyiv, and Miami. We’re part of the Customer Care organization, which has more than 2,000 experts providing care to our over 200 million users.

As the Operations team, we oversee global projects that relate to our internal workflows & tools, and partner with teams across Wix. We work to ensure that as a department, we’re reaching our KPIs while aligning with the company’s focus projects.

You are:

An experienced operations expert who always gets things done while maintaining a great team spirit. Your strong leadership skills allow you to set the pace and efficiently implement processes & routines.

You’re exceptional at organizing and problem solving, with a great understanding of web-based products. You know how to lead project execution from start to finish to reach your business objectives. You’re able to support a global, multi-cultural team and have excellent oral and written communication skills.

You’re a team player who wants to join our Customer Care Operations global team and collaborate with other team members in a fast paced and interesting working environment.

As a Project Manager, you will:

  • Support our organizational changes and monitor the completion of our strategic plans.
  • Oversee and run cross department projects and procedures.
  • Define and implement global workflows.
  • Verify that once decisions are made, they are executed properly.
  • Ensure that Customer Care’s priorities are aligned with Wix’s priorities.
  • Establish yourself as the Customer Care POC for other companies and teams at Wix according to your areas of responsibility, such as Data Science.
  • Manage our departmental messaging across Wix.
  • Design and implement product and workflow tests that involve Customer Care and our experts.
  • Collaborate with product teams to resolve urgent cases that require delicate handling.
  • Identify and review relevant tools, software and services that answer our needs.
  • Manage communication with our contractors.