Hello World

Wix Code from absolute zero.

In keeping with tradition, here is a Wix Code "Hello World" program. Since Hello World is the traditional way to be introduced to a new programming language, who am I to buck tradition?

For those of you who just can't rein in your curiosity regarding the rich and splendorous history of the Hello World program, take a look at the Wikipedia page. After you've contained your excitement and sufficiently calmed down, come back here and see how Hello World is done "Wix Code Style".

A few technical words...

The key to getting started with Wix Code is to understand that the Wix code platform is event-driven. If you have experience with Windows or Mac programming, then you already have a good idea how it works.

Event-driven programming is based on events such as user actions (mouse clicks, key presses, button clicks), system status (page ready, data ready), or messages from other sources.

Let's get started. Click the button to say 
Open in the Editor to follow along and see how it works. Make sure you turn on developer tools. How to Enable Developer Tools