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Sep 6



So, if you have a product (some trainers for example) in three colours.


You create the prodcut (called "trainers") with four pictures (the box and the trainers in three colours), use the "colour" option to create red, black and white variants with desciotions such as "trainers in red" (and attach the appropriate image to the colours).


As we know the variants are actually separate and unique "products" that can have their own unique SKU and be sold. In this example you have created 3 products for sale.


The Niggle

If your are looking at the product page "trainers" and hit the "Pin to Pinterest" icon it will create a pin with a main product image (the first or the one set in SEO socila share) and text "trainers". BUT - If you click a colour button to see the red product variant and hit the "pin" button it creates a pin with the variant red trainers image (great) but not the variant description "trainers in red" - It show the general description "trainers"...


Essentially it does half the job...


If the "pin" button can select (fetch) the appropriate variant image you would assume it could also fetch the variant text as well !!!


Could this be fixed to ensure variant image and text are in synch?





Ahh - I see what you are saying. I will buzz someone internally and get them to look at this. They may not respond, but I will make sure it's seen my friend. :)

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