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Web Development

This course covers the basics of JavaScript and Velo - the Wix coding language and platform. Students will explore topics such as sequencing, user interactions, conditionals and variables and will practice them with project-based activities to take their sites to the next level with code.

Web Development



Hello, Velo

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Velo! 🎉 This lesson is all about getting started with the basics of what code is, how it works with Wix, and getting set up with Velo.


$w and Custom Interactions

In this lesson, students will be learning the basics of $w, Velo’s command for choosing elements on the page to code. You’ll also be going over some of the basic spelling elements of coding, like camelCase and autocorrect.


Properties & Assigning Values

Students will dive into the details of changing the elements on their page with Velo. We’ll explore the different features of elements and discover how to change the state of these elements to take our customizations further with code.


Variables & Input

This lesson is all about variables — a powerful and versatile coding concept that students can use to make their sites even more dynamic. Let’s dive in!


Numbers and Math Operators

Welcome to the world of numbers! Students will learn about using numbers to create more robust ways for site visitors to interact with their content, like site counters. We’ll also learn more about the nuances of switching between numbers and strings.


Logic and Conditionals

In this lesson, you and your students will begin to explore conditionals. The possibilities of creating with conditionals are endless, and we’ll be exploring just a few in this lesson, and dive deeper in the next one.


Logic and Conditionals 2

Ready for round two? In this lesson, students will build on the knowledge explored in Lesson 06 to take their ideas further with conditionals and logic. The ideas in this lesson are at the heart of many cool coding projects, so this is another chance for your students’ imaginations to soar!

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