Wix Playground Presents:  
It’s Nice That - Creative Revival


Apply for an exclusive opportunity to meet Creative Revival speaker, graphic artist Anthony Burrill,  in a virtual one-on-one session. Together you’ll review your work and gain key insights into the industry - all you have to do is submit your portfolio.

May 20, 2021

Via Zoom

About the mentor:

Anthony Burrill

Kent-based graphic artist Anthony Burrill believes that gentle humor, no-nonsense communication and above all, people, are the driving forces behind his unique brand of upbeat messaging. Combined with his innate affinity for  powerfully effective simplicity and analogue craft skills, Burrill’s process is all about creativity without limitations.
Often collaborating with similarly forward-thinking creatives from the worlds of music, architecture, curation, and education, Burrill is inspired to push his letterpress printing practice in exciting new directions.


Wix Playground Presents:
It’s Nice That: Creative Revival

Online Event

May 20, 2021 | Via Zoom