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Career Therapy Working Through Uncertainty

As we dust ourselves off and move forward from the past year, we’ve gathered a panel of top designers working across diverse mediums and locations to talk about how their careers have been affected, and how we can prepare to take our next steps. We’ll kickoff with an open-to-all panel discussion, before breaking out into invitation-only campfire sessions, each tackling a different topic — choose your own adventure.

Curated by Perrin Drumm.

April 28, 2021

6:30 PM, EST | Via Zoom

Campfire Sessions

Pushing Past Reality

If you could invent your own reality, what would it look like? And once you have it in your mind, how can we make it manifest?

Negotiating What You Deserve

What does success really look like for you, and how can you take actionable steps to achieving (and getting paid) for it?

Work/life Balance

How can you reach the point where you love your job so much it doesn't feel like work, and just part of your life?

The K Records Model

What does success really look like for you, and how can you take actionable steps to achieving (and getting paid) for it?

Curated by

Perrin Drumm 

Writer, editor, and head of publishing at A24. Previously, she founded and ran AIGA’s Eye on Design website, magazine, and events. She’s held editorial positions at Conde Nast, Adobe, The Sundance Channel, and The Paris Review. 


Meet the speakers

Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski

Wade and Leta make music for your eyes. Their studio combines purposeful eclecticism and performative design to create satisfying and emotional visuals ranging from conventional identities to colorfully charged compositions and installations utilizing all disciplines. 

Ping Zhu

Ping Zhu is a millennial based in Brooklyn who has illustrated for clients and friends. Her work has been recognized by legitimate institutions as well as her parents. She is not very good at writing bios and hopes this is enough to entertain. 

Headshot Photo credit: Daniel Cochran

Eric Hu

Eric Hu is designer and creative consultant with clients operating in fashion, music, architecture, and technology. Previously Eric Hu was global design director at Nike on the Sportswear Brand Design team, and director of design at SSENSE.

JP Haynie and Davis Ngarupe

JP Haynie and Davis Ngarupe are the founders of Actual Source, a design studio and publisher that creates books, visual identities, websites, packaging, apparel, and physical spaces for a diverse range of clients, large and small. 

The panel discussion is open to everyone. To be accepted into a campfire session you’ll fill out our questionnaire, submit your portfolio, and we’ll notify you if you’ve been selected.

April 28, 2021

6:30 PM, EST | Via Zoom

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