JSON representation of Wix site events for exposure to external site monitoring tools.

Corvid's site monitoring feature lets you view, analyze, and debug Wix site events. You can examine live site events in real time, or connect site events to an external monitoring tool to generate event metrics and perform error log analysis.

How It Works

Corvid's site monitoring tool records Wix site events as log entries. Each log entry is a JSON object representing a single site event.

The following is an example of a logEntry:

Log Entry for Console Log in HTTP Function

      "timestamp": "2019-03-31T06:02:12.008Z",
      "receiveTimestamp": "2019-03-31T06:02:12.925Z",
      "severity": "INFO",
      "insertId": "6axgiF6X45ftx7A1bjJBCh",
      "labels": {
        "siteUrl": "",
        "namespace": "Corvid",
        "tenantId": "fbd4e3c6-8e55-4098-b0ff-5e478b6c957e",
        "viewMode": "Site",
        "revision": "12"
      "operation": {
        "id": "1554017373.14484058793726342",
        "producer": "httpFunction:myFunction",
      "sourceLocation": {
        "file": "http-functions.js",
        "line": 14
      "jsonPayload": {
        "message": "myFunction called."

For a detailed description of the JSON representation of a log entry, click here.

Viewing Site events

Corvid's site monitoring feature lets you investigate your site events in 2 ways:

  • View live site events in real time: You can quickly scan basic site event information or view the JSON object representing each event. Events are loaded as they occur. Learn more.
  • Connect to an external monitoring tool: You can connect your Wix site events to a monitoring tool of your choice to generate metrics and analyze logs. Learn more.

To learn how to trigger events on your site, click here.