SPI Overview

Corvid’s SPIs enable you to extend Corvid’s functionality so that you can integrate external services with your Wix site. Use the SPIs to build your endpoints so that your Wix site and your external services can communicate seamlessly.

To use the SPIs, you’ll need a working knowledge of JavaScript, as well as your external service’s APIs.

  • Site Monitoring

    Connect your Wix site’s events to an external site monitoring tool. The Site Monitoring SPI describes the Wix site events that site monitoring records. This enables you to build your endpoint that takes the log entry from your Wix site and converts it into something your external monitoring tool can parse.

    • External Database Collections

      Connect your Wix site to an external database. The External Database Collections SPI describes the API requests your SPI needs to expect from your Wix site and the responses your Wix site expects in return. This enables you to build your endpoints that translate the requests and responses between your site and your external database.