Sets or gets the value of the date picker.


  • Changing a date picker's value in code does not trigger an onChange event.
  • If a date picker is connected to a dataset, setting the date picker's value in code does not set the value of the connected field in the dataset. That means if you use the dataset to perform a submit, the value changed in code is not reflected in the submitted item.
  • To submit the new value using a dataset, set the field's value using the setFieldValue() function before performing the submit.


DateRead & Write

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Get a datepicker's date value

Code Example

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1let date = $w("#myDatePicker").value;
3let valStr = date.toDateString(); // "Fri Jan 13 2017"
Set a datepicker's date value to be today

Code Example

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1$w("#myDatePicker").value = new Date();