API Overview

Corvid APIs empower you to take full control of your site’s functionality. Use the APIs to interact with page elements, your site’s database content, and external services. The APIs also give you access to information about your site, its users, and more.

To use the APIs, you’ll need a working knowledge of JavaScript, including ES2017 features. The APIs include lots of code examples to help you get started.

  • Site Elements

    Select and control your page and site elements. With these APIs, you can customize styling, create animation effects, add events for visitor interactions, and much more to enhance your site’s functionality.

  • Data

    Work with your site’s database collections and perform data operations on the page and in your collections. These APIs enable you to query and edit collection data, add hooks to run code before or after interactions with your collections, filter and sort data, and more.

  • Users & Contacts

    Work with your site’s contacts and registered users. These APIs give you controls to identify the current user, log users in and out, create new contacts, send triggered emails, and more.

  • Site Functionality

    Get information about your site, including its pages, URL, and sitemap. With these APIs you can direct the browser to a specific URL, get site details like its address and phone number, see what type of device is being used to view a page, and much more.

  • Stores

    Combine Store, Pay, and Site Element APIs to extend your Wix Store. Use these APIs to get information about available products, add a product to a shopping cart, customize your product pages, and set up payment methods.

  • Bookings

    Customize your site’s Bookings experience with functions that book services and process payments, and check appointment availability.