Coming Soon to Corvid

Check out upcoming features from the Corvid Team.

Selection Tags element API

Let site visitors select multiple options and filter your page content using the selection tags user input element.

Stores fulfillment API

Manage the delivery fulfilment status of your store orders.

Stores create order API

Create a store order from the backend of your site.

$w rendered API

Prevent errors by checking whether an element exists before running code on it. Useful for mobile sites and site code.

Site cache API

Invalidates the default cached state of your site, enabling site updates that wouldn't appear in a cached site.

Wix Editor Elements ($w): Signature Input API

The Signature input element lets site visitors sign their signatures, generally for use with forms. Using Corvid, you will be able to save the signature as a graphic, detect if the signature pad has changed, and clear the signature from the signature pad.

Custom Elements

Enables users to create new and advanced components that are not available in the editor and use them to add additional functionality to their site.

Secrets Manager

Easily store and name your API keys so you can use them safely in code.

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