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Mon Aug 26 2019


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Helping you stay up-to-date with tips, tools, and new ideas about accelerated web application development.

We’re happy and proud to launch our new blog today - a place for developers and Corvid users to discover new insights about the Corvid by Wix platform and accelerated web application development.

Corvid helps developers rapidly develop, deploy, manage, and scale web applications with advanced functionality. The platform leverages the power and security of Wix’s cloud infrastructure to provide developers with a serverless solution for web development.

This blog will help Corvid users and developers find the tools and resources they need to navigate the platform and build advanced web applications on Corvid.

To get started, you can refer to the following posts to help you get oriented with Corvid:

  • What is Corvid - A basic introduction to the Corvid platform

  • Corvid Resources - An overview of the documentation, code examples, Corvid forum, and other resources available to help you get started

  • Corvid Tech Pillars - A review of the core technologies that underpin the Corvid platform

Additionally, we will regularly upload opinion pieces, strategy guides, and other tech insights to help Corvid users understand the technologies powering the platform as well as Corvid’s place in the wider web development landscape.

Get Started

You can get started using Corvid in just a few minutes.

You can register for Corvid, or if you already have a Wix site click Dev Mode and click Enable Corvid.



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