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Thu Sep 26 2019


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See how to combine Corvid’s development platform with Wix’s business applications to help businesses grow.

The tools Corvid provides allow you to quickly and efficiently build production-ready web applications. If you’re a developer, you can connect to any data source, add your backend functionality, and much more. By doing this, you can help businesses meet tight deadlines and grow their business.

One of the greatest benefits of the Corvid platform is its integration with Wix business applications. The foundation for Wix’s business tools—called Ascend by Wix—helps business owners save time and energy. With Ascend you can access a range of integrated tools to establish and grow your business—like email marketing, social posts, chat boxes, forms and more.

For example, if you own a fitness center you can instantly connect with comprehensive business solutions like Wix Stores and Wix Bookings. Then, use JavaScript and Corvid APIs to customize the payment flow, create triggered emails and more.

To help you understand how Corvid helps businesses grow, we’ll look at a small business that created a web application to connect yacht owners and renters. By combining Wix business applications and Corvid, they were able to rapidly develop their application with an AI-powered chatbot.

Gathering Data for the Application

One of the first places to use Corvid when working on a project like this is when adding data or connecting to a database from a third-party source. One of Corvid’s greatest advantages is that you can import items from an external source and then use code and industry-standard resources to optimize the data collection process.

The slight complication for this project was that the data providers were generally not optimized for online use and had latency issues. (Learn how they addressed these issues here.) Once the databases were integrated and fully optimized, the company was ready to design a user interface, search and results pages.

Building a Search Page

Corvid features a visual builder, which makes it possible to quickly develop a user interface for web applications, including search and results pages. In the visual builder, there are 100s of UI elements—like text fields, drop-downs and buttons—and you can seamlessly connect each element to database collections. There is a built-in IDE to add JavaScript, or you can work locally with your preferred code editor.

In this case, rather than designing separate pages, the company was able to use the Dynamic Pages features to create one design and automatically populate its elements with the relevant data. Each page automatically has its own content and URL, and is optimized for SEO. After creating the user interface, the company was able to add a few lines of code to create the logic and enhance the functionality.

Adding a Few Lines of Code

The first thing they did was implement the search UI logic in the backend servers. Then, they used Corvid’s business APIs to create a chat function that was trained to help people search in real time. This was done by adding DialogFlow to a file in the backend, which runs on Node.js. After that, they added an event called onMessage to check the filters and update them in real time to provide only the most relevant results.

As a result of this, searchers were able to find what they needed quickly, without sending an email or calling into a help center. WIth this new AI-powered chatbot, the business can be confident only the most relevant results appear and that their customers are happily finding what they're looking for.

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