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New! Wix Pro Gallery – Showcase Your Images in the Highest Quality Online

Photographers rejoice! The time has come to show off your images the way they were meant to be enjoyed – in the highest quality available online.

Introducing the new Wix Pro Gallery: the most professional gallery on the web. In a world saturated by beautiful online images, the Wix Pro Gallery is now the only online tool with advanced image settings, providing you the perfect space to exhibit your photos on your website.

Advanced Image Quality

Advanced Image Quality

Multimedia Showcase

Your art isn’t bound to one medium, so why should your gallery be? The Wix Pro Gallery is a multimedia space made to showcase all of your work. Display high-quality images, auto playing videos, and colorful text boxes in one easy location, without affecting the speed or performance of your website.

Full Control Over Your Images

Whether you’d like to make your images easily shareable, or protect your content from being distributed online, the Pro Gallery has features in place to fit your needs.

Simple Sharing

Expand the reach of your content. The new Pro Gallery comes with the option of enabling easy social media sharing and download buttons for each piece of content in your display.

Automatic Protection

With the Wix Pro Gallery, your images are automatically protected from unwanted downloads. Our built-in image protection prohibits site viewers from saving photos on your website by disabling right-click downloads.

Look Great On All Devices

Because it’s automatically optimized for mobile, your images will look great no matter what device they’re being viewed on.

Look Great On All Devices

Customize Your Content

With 6 layouts to choose from, how you display your content is all up to you. Plus, with the built-in hover effect, you can easily add a color overlay to any of your videos, images and texts. Include a clever title or description to incorporate a fun element of interaction in your new gallery. You can also choose how you’d like your videos to display by enabling the auto-play or loop option. The decision is all yours.

Customize Your Content

Share the Love on Your Page

Add an element of social interaction without leaving your website thanks to the heart counter. Site visitors can show their support by clicking the heart on their favorite images, videos and texts, right inside your gallery.

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