10 Amazing Women Photographers Whose Work You Need to See

Every March 8th, the world takes a moment to celebrate women and their accomplishments, as well as to shine some light on the numerous challenges they face day after day. For us, there's no better way to commemorate this day than to share the work of outstanding women photographers who used Wix to create their own photography website.

We also believe International Women's Day offers a great opportunity to break industry stereotypes, such as how most female photographers focus on wedding and newborn photography. Women are leaving their mark on every single genre, and these portfolios will prove it to you. After seeing the work of these 10 amazing photographers, when all is said and done, you'll believe God is a woman.

Laura Wood

Weddings might be the only truly beautiful moment that some people hope to experience at least one time in their lifetime. Maybe that’s what makes them so special, after all, and also the reason why you should put a talented professional in charge of capturing the images you’ll treasure forever. If you find someone with the incredible attention to detail and personal style that Laura Wood has, it will truly be the best day of your life.

It’s hard to say what makes Laura’s images so wonderful. They have some sort of “x factor” that can make even the most reticent people want to plan a wedding or start a family, depending on which gallery they find themselves on.

Sharon Wellings

There's something incredibly special about being able to see animals in their native habitats. Yet, very few people actually get to experience such wonderful sights. Luckily for the rest of us, the work of extraordinary photographers such as Sharon Wellings allows us to enjoy scenes that would otherwise only be available in our imagination.

Sharon has traveled half across the world photographing the natural beauty of our planet. Her portfolio can be read of a journal of her travels, written by the landscapes, wildlife, and people she encountered on the way, each image more incredible than the one before. From the coldness of Antarctica to the dry, hot air of Ethiopia, her outstanding work will allow you to experience the journey of a lifetime from the comfort of your own home.

Sevan Photography

We commonly use the term “the miracle of life” to refer to human birth. Surely, there’s nothing short of amazing about bringing a new life into the world. Yet, the cases in which such events are documented are still very rare. This is something professionals like Samantha Evans, from Sevan Photography, are aiming to change.

With her camera, Samantha captures the vulnerable moments and intense emotions surrounding childbirth. Her photos celebrate these new lives as well as the strong, incredible women who delivered them. The resulting images will make you finally understand why we call birth a miracle.

Samantha’s beautiful work was recently recognized with two prizes in the 2019 Birth Photography Contest.

Michelle Drevlow

The newt play the flute, the carp play the harp, the plaice play the bass, and Michelle Drevlow takes outstanding photos of all of them. Underwater photography might just be one of the most demanding genres there is. Not only do you need to know how to capture incredible photos, you need to do so in an environment completely out of your control and with very challenging light conditions.

Despite all these difficulties, Michelle is able to capture incredibly beautiful scenes most of us can only dream of ever experiencing. With her awe-inspiring work, she aims to motivate people to explore and protect the beauty of our oceans and the lives within it. After seeing these images, how could you not?

Lois Hong

When was the last time you ate? Unless the answer is “I’m eating right now,” you might want to grab a snack before checking out Lois’ photography website. Her mouthwatering images extend across the whole menu, from trendy avocado toasts to delicious noodle soups.

But Lois’ talent isn’t limited to food photography. Her vibrant, colorful portfolio also includes product, event, fashion, portrait, wedding, and even theater photography. All and all, Lois does an outstanding job at approaching each scene and subject which delicate perfectionism, making sure that not a thread of light is out of place.

Bruna Cristina

What does photography mean to you? For Bruna Cristina, photography is body, mind and soul. These three elements are the pillars upon which her striking portfolio is built. Her portraits are a celebration of the human body, both female and male. Soul is the centerpiece of her couples work, where she perfectly captures the bond and love between two people. Last, but not least, mind and thought are the foundation of her artistic series.

Bruna masterfully brings the three concepts together with a carefully created personal style that is easily recognizable through her portfolio. The result is an outstanding photography portfolio that feels like an ode to the beauty of humans in every aspect.

Aurélie Guisiano

When faced with the fear of being terrible at something we want to be great at, we’re usually told we have two options: Keep trying or forget all about it. Turns out, there is a third option somewhere in the middle of these. When Aurélie Guisiano realized she didn’t have incredible drawing skills, she decided to fulfill her art passion with photography. She is now a full time photographer with a portfolio full of outstanding street and urban photography images.

Aurélie’s uses her remarkable artistic eye to capture the world around her from a unique perspective. She plays with light, color, and symmetries to give her images a twist that inevitably catches your attention. The final results look as if they were taken from a dream, and make the city of lights look more magical than ever before.

Isol Buffy

It’s well known that kittens rule the Internet - but, a quick look at Isol Buffy’s animal portraits will make you wonder why they don’t rule the entire history of art. While pet photography only makes up a small fraction of Isol’s portfolio, the distinctive style of these images is clearly present across all of her work. Her unique style is built on her art history studies and classic visual culture.

The vast majority of Isol’s work revolves around humans throughout different life stages. From maternity and newborn photography to wedding and boudoir, Isol uses her extraordinary artistic view to make each image unforgettable.

Coco Gonser

We are inherently wired to feel drawn to people. What began as a survival instinct has evolved into an essential value in our lives. In fact, numerous psychology studies have proven that experiencing a sense of social connection is a basic human need. Coco Gonser captures the beauty of these bonds in heartwarming portraits of couples and families.

One of the most amazing things about Coco’s work is the emotion conveyed in every image. Each scene is surrounded by a mystic haze, as if the subjects were not aware at all of her presence. As a result, the portraits feel genuine and it’s almost as if you could experience the love within them.

Nancy Dempsey

It’s well known that in order to take amazing portraits you must connect with your subject. Turns out the same thing might apply to landscape photography. But don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself on these beautiful landscape photos captured by Nancy Dempsey in Nova Scotia. Her photos simply have a je ne sais quoi that feels something like being home, even if you’ve never been there before.

Describing herself as a landscape photographer and digital artist, Nancy’s work is focused on nature, with the ocean being a key element through her portfolio. Before you visit her portfolio, we must offer you a friendly warning: Flight tickets to Nova Scotia can be quite expensive and there is no way you won’t fall in love with this place after seeing Nancy’s beautiful images.

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By Judit Ruiz Ricart

Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team

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