7 Stunning Videographer Website Templates for All Styles

If you’re not online, you don’t exist. Like it or not, this statement is just as true as it gets. And while this might be a nice place to be for some people, for media creators it might as well be doomsday. You might already be sharing your videos with the world via social media channels. Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram… There isn’t a shortage of places to do so. But, of course, that doesn’t mean potential clients can actually find you online. This is why you need to create a website to bring all these channels together and make sure you show up on search engines. Since you’re likely spending all your time and energy on developing your work, video website templates will be your best friend in this next step of the journey.

Using a ready-made template is the best option for people who don’t have the time or skills to create a stunning site from scratch. Created by professional designers, each template is built to meet the demands of each videographer’s field. They only require a minimal portion of your time, and the results are of the highest quality. Not only that, but they are also completely free and fully personalizable. Sound too good to be true? Check out this selection of outstanding videographer website templates and find the one that suits you best.

Wedding videographers company template

All you need is love – and a talented videographer who captures the happiest day of your life and saves it forever. This one-pager bring together every single element a wedding videographer website needs and wraps it up with an outstanding design. Visitors are welcomed with a preview of your work, and can directly book a consultation meeting. Talk about speed dating.

Scrolling down offers a look at the person behind the camera and the services offered. A beautiful portfolio display shows diverse examples of your work, after which visitors will be able to read about actual clients testimonials. These sections also make this website an amazing option for event photographers of any kind.

Cinematographer template

It hardly gets any classier than this website’s color scheme. A black background combined with white text and gold highlights. This muted design is paired with a full-screen video that perfectly completes the professional look of the site. This video doubles as a main gallery, allowing visitors to navigate through your videos or search for specific ones.

If your talent expands over several genres, this is the perfect template for you. Using Wix Video, the site creates different channels for each type of content and displays them through a series of video strips on the homepage.

Video portfolio template

Get your name out there with this powerful video portfolio template. Visitors will get a preview of your best work right on your homepage. From there they’ll be guided to the showreel, where all your videos will be play at the highest quality.

This videographer website template is perfect for those who are as wise with words as they are behind a camera. The site comes equipped with a blog where you’ll be able to share personal thoughts and experiences behind each video. On top of that, writing a blog will do wonders for your website’s SEO.

Videographer template

Let your work do all the talking with this minimalist videographer website template. A clean and simple layout puts your videos front and center (literally), giving visitors a full look at your talent. A video player is the main focus of this template, sitting at the middle of it all. Below it sits selection of your best work that can be played with a single click.

The template is completed with an “About Me” page that will allow your audience to learn a bit about the person behind all the stunning content and, most importantly, how to contact them. This section appears linked on the main menu, which is used to balance out the logo’s weight on an otherwise perfectly bank layout.

Filmography template

Hey now, this template’s gorgeous layout is what storytellers’ dreams are made of. This one-pager is built around a timeline, allowing creators to display videos in a chronological manner. Adding a short description for each of them will offer visitors a comprehensive view of your portfolio as they scroll the site.

This template is especially useful for videographers with an extensive body of work, or those who produce content around very diverse topics. It can also be a great solution to organize your travel videos and display them as a whole journey rather than as independent trips.

Video production template

There are two main things people want to know when visiting a video studio’s website: what the studio does and how they do it. This template answers both of these questions at first glance. Right below the video player there are three sections aimed to provide key information about the business, services offered, and how to contact them.

On top of these three segments, this template also includes a clients page. In here, visitors will be able to find the brands or businesses you have worked with as well as real feedback about your services.

Film student template

In the competitive jungle of media creation, determination and hard work are just as important as talent. Honestly, they might even be a bit more important. This is why you should start working on your professional career as soon as possible. The best way to do so? A videographer website template built with film students in mind.

A full-screen gallery displaying a wide variety of examples is the first thing visitors see. This allows you to show just how expansive your skill set is. Your final project gets the attention it deserves, with a whole page dedicated just to this pride and joy. And across the whole site, a frozen social media menu allows you to direct people to your main online channels within the click of a button.

By Judit Ruiz Ricart

Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team

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