How to Find the Perfect Photography Website Template

Nowadays, a photographer needs to be a jack of all trades and a master of, well, all of them. From understanding every situations’ lighting to running a business, the demands of professional photography know no limits. But because no superpowers come with the job title, it’s nearly impossible to perfect every single one of these demands. Thankfully, some of them can be successfully overcome with minimum skill requirements. Among these, one of the clearest examples is building a stunning photography website – which can easily be done with the right photography website template.

Ready-made templates are the best option for people who don’t know how to design a website and can’t afford to pay a professional to make it for them. Despite the simplicity of the creation process, the end results are top quality. Each template has been carefully conceived by experienced web designers who have a perfect understanding of each professional fields’ requirements. Because all templates are fully personalizable, the outcome will be an ideal reflection of your work. And it gets even better: all templates are completely free. Ready to take the first steps towards creating your online portfolio? Here’s how you find the perfect photography website template:

Do your research

Before you get to work and start browsing templates, dedicate some time to looking around. Visit your favorite photographers’ websites, see what other people in your field are doing, read about the latest photography website design trends. This will help you understand what’s going on in the photography website design world, and which things you should keep in mind to create a modern and attractive site.

Knowing what other people are doing will also help you stay away from photography portfolio mistakes that could harm your works’ exposure. This research will also give you some ideas on how you want your photography website template to look and behave. Make a note (mental or literal) of what you like from each of them, and how can they help you.

photography website templates for all genres

Think about your needs

While there is a general list of photography website must-have features, each photographer and business has their own unique needs. These will primarily depend on the end goal of your website and the kind of images you shoot. Family and event photographers that are thinking of sharing photos with clients online can highly benefit from Wix Photo Albums. Wedding photographers can boost their business with killer photography services page. Landscape and wildlife photographers could be interested in selling their photos online with the Wix Art Store. Travel photographers might want to start their own photography blog. And multidisciplinary photographers will probably use all of the above.

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows which features your portfolio needs. You can edit your website at any time, of course, but comprehending these requirements beforehand will be extremely helpful in knowing what to look for on your photography website template.

Search within your field

There are photography website templates for all genres. Focusing on your specific field will make it more likely for said templates to include all the features that you need. If your work is focused on a very niche genre, look at the bigger picture. Simply find the photography style your work shares more characteristics with.

Remember that every single element of the templates can be edited, so don’t worry if you can’t find one that has literally everything you need. However, keep in mind that the closer the template is to matching all your needs, the less time you’ll have to spend editing it.

newborn and children portraits photography webstie

Match your style

Ideally, your whole presence should follow the same graphic language. That includes your work, photography logo, social media profiles, and website. Therefore, the perfect photography website template is the one that balances your business needs with your visual demands. A perfect mix of outside and inner beauty, so to speak.

Let’s be honest, the chances of finding a template that completely matches your style and includes all the features you need are pretty slim. Especially because the combination of these two elements is what makes your portfolio unlike any other. You should find one that meets a few demands from each side and doesn’t require too much effort to edit it as you please.

Browse throughly

Having a beautiful home page for your photography website is definitely a must. But still, it should not be the sole element upon which you decide which photography website template you want to use. Take the time to see each page of the template and how they behave. See if the mobile-friendly website version of the template matches the idea you had in mind for your portfolio.

Browsing every interesting template you come across will probably slow down the website building process a bit, but it will also help you find the one which will require less editing time afterward.

Make it yours

Once you’ve found the perfect template, it’s time to personalize it. Start by adding any sections and features that aren’t already included. After that, upload your content and modify the site’s visual elements. Finally, give your personal touch by writing an amazing “About Me” page. At this point, your portfolio should feel like you’re looking into a mirror.

But before you send your hard work out into the world, take care of the little things that can boost your exposure, such as including links to your social media channels, writing Alt Text for your images, and triple-checking that every page and section works as you planned.

adding alt text to your images on photography website

Don’t rush it

“Good things take time.” “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” There’s a reason why there are so many famous sayings about taking your time to do something. And even though using a photography website template will save you over three-quarters of the time it will take you to build a website from scratch, you will still need to put a few hours of work into it.

Not dashing through the whole process will result in a much more unique portfolio. It will also allow you to take care of the little details and make sure everything works as you intended.

Ready to introduce your portfolio to the world? Find your free photography website template with Wix!

By Judit Ruiz Ricart

Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team

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