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These 9 Photographers Nailed It on Instagram

With hundreds of millions of people scrolling through their feeds on a daily basis, Instagram has become the king of photography in the social media world. This offers unmatched opportunities for photographers, who can showcase their work to an enormous audience by simply using their smartphones. Combine this exposure with a stunning photography website and there’s nothing that can stop your work from being known all over the world.

So what does it take to actually get those millions of users to see and engage with your images? Sorry to tell you, but there isn’t a magic spell, style, or hashtag that will have followers falling from the sky as if you were Beyoncé. The rules of succeeding as a photographer also apply on social media: work hard, be persistent, create high-quality content, and don’t miss any opportunity to learn more about Instagram tips for photographers.

Ready to take your Instagram game to the next level? Get inspired by this selection of Wix Photography users who have succeeded in growing their online communities and engaging with tens of thousands of followers on the platform.

Nikk La

Number of followers: 272k

Average likes per post: 5.3k

Stands out for: stunning nature and urban landscapes from all over the world.

Scrolling through Nikk’s feed will take you on a wonderful ride all over the world. From the busy streets of Mumbai to jaw-dropping glaciers in Alaska, this young photographer knows just how to capture the beauty every corner of this world has to offer. Nikk primarily photographs landscapes, portraits, street scenes and aerial shots to perfectly represent the nature of every place he visits.

The self-taught photographer has worked with numerous well-known brands, including Apple, DJI, Ford, Netflix, and The North Face. You might remember him as the winner of Wix and Condé Nast Traveler’s contest, which allowed Nikk to shoot the cover of Condé Nast Traveler back in 2016.

travel photography

Aris Jerome

Number of followers: 76.3k

Average likes per post: 1.4k

Stands out for: unique lighting and coloring technique in portrait photography.

Aris describes himself as a visual artist that uses photography, videography and painting as creative tools. Portraits make up for most of his Instagram which also includes some of his drawings and short video clips. By photographing his subjects in completely different situations and light settings, Aris achieves unique shots and creates a dynamic gallery that will keep you scrolling without noticing.

Aris has worked with many celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, and Zendaya, as well as for brands like HBO, Puma and Playboy among others. In addition to portraits, his portfolio includes travel and street photography.

portrait photography

Takahiro Bessho

Number of followers: 38.3k

Average likes per post: 2.7k

Stands out for: carefully planned landscape photographs that capture Japan as you’ve never seen it before.

For Takahiro, the most important factor in photography is the reflection of one’s thoughts through the collection, recreation, and restructuring of scenes. Looking at his feed, it becomes clear that every shot had a strong reasoning behind it. These include: finding the perfect moment, light, and even season to capture each specific landscape. The beautiful compositions of Takahiro’s landscapes will likely make you feel more relaxed than ever, but beware – after spending a few minutes on his Instagram you may have to hide your credit card to refrain from booking a seat on the next flight to Japan.

Last year, Takahiro placed second on National Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year with an aerial shot of snow-covered trees over a road in Takashima, Japan.

landscape photography

Andrew Scrivani

Number of followers: 32.6k

Average likes per post: 1.1k

Stands out for: taking #instafood to a whole new level.

It’s hard to imagine Instagram without food pictures, right? While you may roll your eyes at the thought of yet another avocado toast on your feed, professionals like Andrew will make you understand the true meaning of eating with your eyes. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast Traveller, as well as in numerous books.

Andrew has taken the role Instagram plays on his online presence one step further by using the Wix Instagram Feed as his homepage gallery. With this tool, his online portfolio is automatically updated whenever he posts on Instagram, and website visitors can easily access the publications to leave some love!

food photography

Santino Martinez

Number of followers: 24k

Average likes per post: 1.9k

Stands out for: the stunning color treatment and composition of his photos.

Santino travels around the world capturing his experiences through wonderful landscapes, lifestyle portraits, underwater images, and drone shots. His Instagram feed is a perfect visual representation of that feeling you get when you are on vacation, a combination of relaxation, excitement, joy, and wonder. Color plays a major role in the gallery, as is serves as a unifying key across many different locations, themes, and styles.

Santino’s portfolio also contains videos taken on his trips and beautiful photo shoots with people, both of which maintain the striking color treatment of his travel photographs.

travel photography

Louise Amelie Whitehouse

Number of followers: 22.5k

Average likes per post: 1.4k

Stands out for: beautiful minimalist shots and use of white borders.

Louise Amelie captures the world around her in such delicate way that her images simply make you feel warm inside. The soft lights and colors of her work serve as a link across the many diverse genres of her gallery, which range from portraits and food to streets and landscapes.

For some time, Louise Amelie experimented with using white borders on her Instagram posts in order to showcase uncropped shots on her feed. These resulting in a beautiful homogenous gallery that dodges one of the main limitations of the platform when it comes to fully displaying your work.

lifestyle photography

Ross Couper

Number of followers: 21.4k

Average likes per post: 1.2k

Stands out for: theme rows that highlight one species at the time.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, African wildlife has been part of Ross’ life since early childhood. This connection results in outstanding animal photography that feel as if they were taken by a member of the pack, rather than a guy in a jeep. Ross hopes that his photographs will inspire people around the world to visit the wild areas of Africa to see their beauty first hand.

Ross captures photographs and videos of wild animals in their natural habitat, showing them in different scenes or focusing on close up details. In addition to African wildlife, his portfolio includes nature elements, travel accommodations, and food galleries.

wildlife photography

Martin Olson

Number of followers: 17.6k

Average likes per post: 500

Stands out for: outstanding mountain landscapes and action shots.

Martin’s feed will make you want to grab a backpack and run up the nearest mountain range, even if you are in love with your sofa and also afraid of heights. Nothing can keep Martin away from the action, and you only need to follow his feed to tag along on amazing adventures such as swimming in rivers, night skiing, waterfall kayaking, desert hiking, and even some snowkiting.

Martin uses his love for adventure to give back as an ambassador of Protect Our Winters, a non-profit environmental organization fighting to bring awareness to and fight against climate change with community-based projects, advocacy, and educational initiatives.

outdoors photography


Number of followers: 12k

Average likes per post: 260

Stands out for: breaking editorial images across two or more rows.

Giel Domen and Kenneth Van de Velde have been working together since 2010, creating stunning fashion, editorial and conceptual portraits. Their photographs use color, props, and makeup to catch the viewer’s eye. And trust us – you won’t be able to look away.

DOMEN / VAN DE VELDE’s work has been featured by many popular brands, including VOGUE, Glamour, ELLE, L’Oréal, and Philips. The duo’s Instagram is a perfect reflection of the artistic detail upon which their work is built, as their choice to use the grid to showcase large-scale versions of their printed work quickly wow’s the crowd.

fashion photography


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Judit Ruiz Ricart
By Judit Ruiz Ricart
Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team

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