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Out of the Box \ Dec 12th 2017

10 Gifts for Photographers That’ll Make Any Shutterbug Smile

The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s time for that magical sound of…. Bells ringing? No, gift unwrapping! Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect gift for a shutterbug friend, or you’re trying to send a subtle hint to your own mates as to what you would like to unwrap this year – you’ve reached the right article. On top of providing you with the best platform for creating a photography website, Wix has taken care of the ultimate photographers’ holiday wishlist.

Wondering how these items ended up on our list? We made sure to choose only the gifts that are:

  • Ultra affordable
  • Mega useful
  • Universal, i.e. will make any camera owner happy.
  • Not the lens cup (that you probably received on so many occasions).

No worries, we sent a copy of this to Santa too. If you’ve been a good photographer, you’ll definitely enjoy one of these best holiday gift ideas:

The Perfect Cover

“I didn’t invent the rainy day, I just own the best umbrella,” – said Jimmy Fallon. Well, even the best umbrella cannot (and is not expected to) protect those delicate electronic parts of the most (not to say moist!) precious photography equipment you brought to that outdoors photoshoot. Worry not: the ultralight Shell cover by Peak Design will protect your camera from water, snow, dust and abrasion; whether it’s in your hands, on the tripod, on your backpack or in your bag. The stretchy seamless design comes in three different sizes to suit any camera, and the best part – you can access the viewfinder and controls without removing it from the case. That, and a lifetime guarantee.

Camera cover for photographers

The Drive That Can’t Be Driven Over

The weatherproof cover will definitely keep your camera safe. But what about the stunning images you worked so hard to capture out there in the cold, cold rain? (Or snow / hail / sleet / graupel – select the one that applies). Protecting your hard drive is no less important, and the LaCie Rugged Mini External hard drive is the perfect guy for the job. Compact yet spacey, fast and furious. This baby will work in any extreme weather condition and even if the drive is dropped or, heaven forbid, driven over. Just like any awesome product, it comes in three sizes – we’d go for the 4TB, because why not?

Special hard drive for photographers

Style, not just for photos

For any photographer, styling is definitely a skill to have. But does being a photographer guarantee being stylish? We’re afraid that the answer is no. Luckily, Sassystrap on Etsy has got you covered in style. Choose a camera strap, a cover, a lens-cap strap, or even better – a matching set of all three, and you’ll make a stylish statement outside of your photos as well.

Insider tip: the true fashionistas amongst us should definitely check CameraScarf.

Fashionable fashion strap for photographers

A clean job

No matter how you end up cleaning your lenses, whether it’s with a special cleaning solution and cloth, or with the tip of your t-shirt (please don’t), this little trick will definitely come in handy. The oh-so-small, but oh-so-useful LensPen is a compact, pen-shaped tool designed to clean camera lenses, eyepieces and any other optical items with no-hassle. The special non-liquid element that never dries out does the trick. It’s super affordable too! If there’s a bigger budget to spare, go for the DSLR Pro Kit, which comes with neat filter and viewfinder cleaners, all in a convenient microfiber pouch to go.

Photographer’s Miscellany

The best piece of photography gear is knowledge, and here is the best way to get it.
Bibliophile or not, beginner or seasoned expert – any photography enthusiast will enjoy this eclectic collection of photography facts, history, trivia and anecdotes. In addition to useful tips you can apply on the spot, Photographer’s Miscellany has tons of fun bits to share with your friends (including photography nerds), family and other people that for some reasons you still find yourself talking to.

Photographer’s Miscellany

Let it LEGO

Let the photo-fun begin from the very beginning! Whether you have a child, or an inner child – the LEGO digital camera will make everyone happy. The eye-catching brick frame makes it hard to believe that the 3MP / 8MP cam actually features a built-in flash and can hold up to 80 photos. This is a great conversation starter for your favorite introverted photographer friend.

Great gift for a photographer Lego Camera

Frozen? Not anymore

Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here. And those fingertips are going to have a really hard time pressing those shutters and dials. The best gift a photographer can get for those cold cold days is a special pair of gloves that will keep their fingers warm, and the buttons pressed. Again, there are many options in the market, but the RUCPAC Professional Tech Gloves for Photographers is our personal favorite.

gift for photographers - gloves for photographers

It’s all in the cards

“Keep your friends close, and your memory cards closer” – said no one, but sounds just right! Having a spare memory card is always a good idea, and keeping them in a special organizer is an even better one. That’s exactly what memory card holders were invented for! While prices can vary from $5 to $49, in this case (pun intended), we’d go for the #1 best seller by Pelican.

Hold ‘em tight

So what do we have so far? Cleaning equipment, camera straps, lenses, portable storage device, SD cards…. And that’s before we count the spare batteries! Even if you own the most organized camera bag in the world, the smaller the item, the harder it is to find. That’s why we thought you’ll find the AA Battery Holder very useful. The sleek pouch holds up to 8 AA batteries, and for a very affordable price. If there’s room for more love from your friends, they can toss in a DSLR Battery Holder to go along. By the way, the company behind both of these, Think Tank, produces awesome camera bags. If your friends are feeling especially generous this year, they should definitely check out the latest collection.

Charge me up, Scotty

OK, now you can carry enough batteries to shoot four weddings and a sunset. But what about your phone? It may be smart, but when it comes to power management, it’s not as clever as we hoped it would be. Especially after extensive use, it might run out of power faster than a sleepless photographer after 24 hours of consecutive work. The solution? Strong black coffee for the photographer, a powerful portable charger for the phone. There’s an endless number of options out there, but here’s a compact one that can charge 3 devices simultaneously, and here’s the most rugged one.

Go Premium

Showcasing your work online? Let your friends help you get the stunning online presence that your talent truly deserves and get you a Wix Premium plan. Even without the unwrapping experience, it will easily become the most valuable present you’ll get this year. Yes, you can create an amazing photography website for free, but a Premium will give you all the pro perks, like connecting a personal domain, easily sharing photos with your clients, getting bookings online, and so much more.

Give yourself a gift and create a stunning photography website with Wix!

Julia Ronen
By Julia Ronen
Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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