12 Adorable Baby Photography Ideas That Will Melt Your Heart

The world is unanimous: babies are the cutest creatures on this planet (yes, more than kittens and baby pandas), that’ll look great in any setting. Especially when they’re asleep ;) And that’s exactly why newborn photographers can and should enjoy the freedom of experimenting with original photoshoot concepts for baby photography.

Needless to say, demonstrating immaculate photos of babies in never-before-seen backdrops will look very attractive on your photography website and is bound to bring you more excited clients. The result? Cuteness overload, which in turn has the potential to become shareable on social networks. On top of these pleasant benefits, there’s also your state of mind: getting your creative juices flowing and artistic aura glowing will spark a new interest in your daily routine.

Since you might be too busy with actual work, we took it on ourselves to scan hundreds of newborn photography Wix websites. Looks like it’s time to admit we love our job again! But back to you - here are 12 adorable baby photography ideas that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd:

How mermaids are born

Ray Jay Portraits scales baby cuteness up (pun intended) with this tiny mermaid costume. One costume that you buy (or DIY) can turn hundreds of babies into adorable marine creatures and have twice as many parents “sea” you as a creative professional.

What are you sinking about

Many moms will testify that the sink is the perfect baby bathtub. Thanks to Andrea Brooke’s work, we now know that it’s also a magical setting for a baby photo shoot.

Glamping from day one

Hidden Gem Photography’s portfolio offers many gems when it comes to original photoshoots of newborns. From a cotton bubble bath, to a clever pirate in a treasure box, all the way to baby-yoda - the collection of concepts is very impressive. Since we had to choose one picture, it would be the happy camper by his bonfire:

Hats on

Hats and sunglasses are known to bring baby outfits to a whole new level of gorgeousness. Ilona Pulkstene from Latvia takes that notion one step further with a hat bigger than its bearer. With a manly suit, alongside the right set of accessories and a B&W approach, we receive an unmatchable sophisticated look that will melt any heart within a 10-mile radius.

Fishing for compliments

Blue Sky Photography takes young models to their first exciting outdoor adventure. Looks like this little one is ready for his nap after a successful catch!

Feet typography

Love, love, love - that’s all you can think of looking at Amber Costa’s newborn portraits. Using their tiny little feet as the ‘V’ in the word LOVE is pure heart melting genius.

Cute little toys

How many roads must a man walk down, before they call him a man? The answer, according to Brittany Rowe Photography, is just one. As long as he does it as a baby in a mega-cute outfit in a toy wagon. Preferably red.

Like father, like son

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In this case, a football doesn’t fall at all if it has a sleeping baby on it. In Shawna Faith’s work, we can feel the strong bond between a newborn son and his father even before the first word ‘dada’ is pronounced.

The flowers of our lives

What is so fresh, beautiful, smells nice, needs special care and impossible to take your eyes off? If your answer was flowers, think again: it’s babies dressed as gardeners in Lili Sweet’s photoshoots.

The sleeping beauty

Photographer Stephanie Crank portraits newborn girls as sleeping beauties. When you think of it, aren’t they all sleeping beauties? How come we didn’t think of that sooner?

A different angle

Put the special props and costumes aside… Sometimes all you need for an original photo is a fresh look from a different angle. That’s exactly what The Kama Photography did in this photoshoot, and the result is amazing:

The aspiring painter

With the addition of new little family members, our lives become so much more colorful. And quite chaotic at times :) The messiness is charming though, if you let a baby play with actual colors. We just hope that Two Knights Photography’s newborn package includes a pack of wet wipes or two.

The take-off

We couldn’t write about newborn photography, without mentioning Kitty Lee - the Wix photographer whose newborn photography project went completely viral. There was nothing unusual about the setting: a cute little headband, a fluffy blanket, a small teddy bear… the only thing that made her project stand out was the newborn! This small kitten shows us how such a common concept can be examined from a totally new and never-done-before point of view. We find it very inspiring!

By Julia Ronen

Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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