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Promote Your Site \ Oct 16th 2017

8 Must-Have Features for Your Photography Website

What if we told you we have the magic ingredients to elevate your good photography website to an outstanding one? While having a beautifully crafted design with all your masterpieces perfectly displayed is great, the possibilities don’t end just there. There are key features you simply must have, in order to present yourself as a professional and up-to-date photographer. For example, your website should be able to take reservations and payments for you, share photos with your clients, or even sell your pieces of art online. To put it in two words, you should think of your photography website as your very own ‘personal assistant’.

Hopefully you’re a warmer boss than what Meryl Streep was to the young and very inexperienced Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. You can make your website work for you with these free, genius and intuitive apps that you can add in a click to your own site, from the Wix App Market. Each app gives something unique and extra that will grow your online presence and boost your biz.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all this fantastic news? That’s okay, we’ve collected and summarized the 8 must-have features for your photography website right here:

01. Wix Pro Gallery: To display your photos in the best quality

Ah, the Wix Pro Gallery! Every photographer’s dream come true. Look no further when it comes to a tool that perfectly preserves the top-notch quality of your images, that seamlessly displays them on any device (including mobile) and keeps them safe with built-in protection. As a photographer, you’ve worked hard – okay, really hard! – to produce such detailed, creative and unique images. So, why not show them off in their best form possible? Unlike trying to explain the art of lighting to your non photography knowing friends, the Wix Pro Gallery app is super easy to add to your site. You’ll find it in the sea of jewels, a.k.a the Wix App Market. Simply “add to site” and you’re good to go. And just in case you needed any more convincing, here are 7 good reasons to choose the Wix Pro Gallery.

8 Must-Have features for your photography website - Wix Pro Gallery

02. Wix Photo Albums: The easiest way to share images with your clients

As an event photographer, you know the pressure of an impatient bride waiting for her pictures post wedding all too well. Let’s ease some of that stress by introducing: Wix Photo Albums. So, what exactly does this mean for your biz as a busy wedding photographer? Wix Photo Albums allows you to create and organize stand-alone mini-sites of your photos. You simply have to send the URL for your clients to devour the snaps you took of their Big Day. Of course, the images can be shared publicly or privately and you have the option to protect the photos from being wildly downloaded. We also made sure that each “mini-site” is automatically branded with your precious contact info and a link to your pride and joy – your photography portfolio. Not only will you stun your customers with their very own mini-site but your name will literally be circulating while your clients share their precious moments amongst their loved ones. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Hello potential leads!

Cherry on the wedding cake? You can create unlimited mini-sites, all for free! You might say, that Wix Photo Albums is the smartest way to share your photos with your clients.

8 Must-Have features for your photography website - Wix Albums

03. Instagram Feed: The chosen social network of all photographers

Instagram. A photographer’s paradise. This social network is solely dedicated to breathtaking images and captivating video content accompanied by as little text as possible. (*If you listen really carefully, every photographer just released a huge sigh of relief*). Instagram is the perfect platform to build your brand, find inspiration and showcase your ‘vibe’ through the images that you share. But why publish your images on your site, when your Instagram page is already filled with them? The Instagram Feed app allows you to stream (in real time) all the activity from your Instagram feed straight to your online portfolio. Plus, everything is customizable: the layouts, colors, fonts and more – all so that your feed matches up to the overall look of your site. Could this app get any better? This feed also allows your site visitors to follow your Instagram account in a click, straight from your page. Just one more trick to add to your list of the best Instagram tips for photographers.

04. Wix Art Store: The perfect place to display and sell your pics

Ring, ring. It’s your personal assistant calling to say that they found an amazing gallery where you can display and sell all of your photos. The name of this magical gallery? The Wix Art Store. The location? Your photography portfolio, of course! This app is basically everything you need in order to sell your gorgeous images online. You have two complementary options here: sell them as prints, or as digital copies. Like always, you have full control over how your beauties are displayed. Plus, all the “hard work” is already taken care of: managing orders? Check. Protecting your images? Check. Shipping and payments? Check and check. We all know that our love for photography sometimes outweighs the (often low) pay check it accompanies, so why not take advantage of this free tool and make yourself some extra moola?

05. Wix Video: Showcase, promote and sell your videos online

Videographers rejoice! Finally, a revolutionary all-in-one tool that lets you showcase, promote and sell your videos online. No more managing countless video platforms (who has time to keep track of usernames and passwords anyway). Thanks to Wix Video, your photography website is a one-stop-shop for ALL your work. We don’t want to brag or anything, but we’re rather proud of everything Wix Video has to offer: ease of use, highest video quality, optimal display, and syncing with your Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo accounts. Last but not by any means least, it allows you to sell, rent and offer subscriptions to your creations – 100% commission free. Considering that the video trend will most likely continue well into 2018, this is one of those features you just have to use to your advantage.

06. Wix Bookings: Your very own online scheduler

Since we love you dearly, we’ve already gathered some valuable tips on how you can make money as a photographer in 2018. What’s in store? Use your knowledge and charisma to shoot more events and portraits, teach workshops or lead photography tours. You’re already providing the charm, so let Wix Bookings handle the ‘admin’ side of things. This online scheduler is at your service 24/7, allowing guests to book your service at any time of day, accept payments and send out notifications and reminders. It’s pretty much a given that every photographer can benefit from an extra pair of hands. Now you have it.

07. 360 Images: Engage your audience with interactive 3D images

Images are a wonderful way to hold onto memories, share breathtaking sceneries or capture a significant period in time. Now imagine how impressive that same image would be with the added effect of a 360 degree angle? Pretty insane, right? With the 360 Images App, your visitors can explore your pictures as if they were there themselves. For example, interior photographers will please their clients with virtual tours. Prospective buyers can wander through luxury living rooms without even leaving their soon to be old couch. But that’s just one example, landscape photographers, travel photographers, or even wedding photographers, can make the most out of this futuristic feature. Itching for more? Here’s everything you wanted to know about 360 degree photography.

8 Must-Have features - 360 Degree App

08. Before and After Slider: Show off your skills with before and after images

Are special effects your forte? There’s no better way to show your skills than by using the free Before and After Slider photography feature. Take a look at photographer Matteo Andrei – he cleverly used this intuitive app to market his online editing courses. Using the horizontal scroll bar, you can reveal or hide two images that are the same but show a difference in special effects or editing. We didn’t forget our (many) smartphone user friends – this app is 100% mobile friendly with a touch and swipe function.

Ready to show your creations to the world? Create your unique photography portfolio with Wix!

Taira Sabo
By Taira Sabo

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