10 Tips to Keep Your Photography Website as Fresh as a Daisy

A good photography website can definitely be a work of art, but with one major difference: unlike an iconic piece of art, it’s never fully complete. Today’s website owners need to be on top of their game, paying attention to constantly changing internet technologies and web design trends, new online marketing tricks, and what not. As if that wasn’t enough, along with having to appease a wide spectrum of visitors, your website needs to be in high favor of the search engine gods.

But worry not, dear reader! That’s exactly the reason we’ve gathered here today. These 10 steps will help you maintain your photography website in perfect shape and likeability, making sure to consider all parties involved. It’s like painting a fence: requires some work (unless you’re Tom Sawyer), but the result is soooo worth it. Everyone is going to gain (but mostly you). How exactly?

  • You will have fun sharing your new creations with the world.

  • Your visitors will enjoy fresh content, new design trends and relevant blog articles.

  • Search engines (and Google almighty) will savor your updates and consider your website a reliable and authoritative source, resulting in higher ranking in search results.

To make sure you don’t miss any of these perks, follow our 10 nifty tips, and your photography website will be fresher than the Prince of Bel Air:

01. Update your portfolio

Your work never stops to amaze your clients. Why should your website be any different? Make sure to update your online portfolio with your latest photos. Not every picture is worth a thousand uploads: choose only the ones you’re most proud of. Remember, your portfolio is your online business card, it needs to represent you and your brand in the most appealing way possible.

Speaking of appeal, if you haven’t already done so, make sure your photos are displayed in the Wix Pro Gallery. There are many customization options – here’s how to choose the best layout for your photography portfolio.

One last tip: when you add new chef-d’oeuvres to your site, don’t forget to optimize your photos and enter alt-text, so that search engines can enjoy your creations too.

02. Rethink your ‘About me’ page

Let us guess: you were so eager to publish your first photography website, you didn’t have the chance to put a lot of effort in your ‘About me’ section. This is an opportunity not to be missed: as a service provider, it’s extremely important to show your clients who you are, how you work and what your values are. Follow these 10 tips to write a killer photographer ‘About me’ page, and show the world that it’s not only your work that’s original.

03. Write a blog

Writing a blog for your photography website has got to be the greatest way to keep your website fresh. Why not kill two birds with one keyboard: share new photos, insights, tips and tricks, and update your website at the same time. When you really think about it, there’s a whole flock of birds that you’ll end up killing, only like a blog can:

  • You will improve your website’s SEO for relevant keywords.

  • Impress your clients, making them proud for choosing you.

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Have great content to share on social media.

Try to follow the hottest topics and latest trends in your field of expertise – these will attract both readers and search engines to your blog.

* Important note: no feathered animals were harmed during the writing of this tip.

04. Time for a new service package?

Your portfolio and ‘About me’ page are not standing alone in the redesign line. If you have a page describing the services you provide, you might want to add a stroke of freshness there as well. Here are a few ideas that can give your photography business a new personal touch.

05. Keep up with the latest web design trends

The Wix Editor never stops evolving, so the same can be true for your website. Follow our blog, and be the first to know about super cool Wix features and state-of-the-art design tools, that are both free and easy to use. Break up your content with strips and columns, or bring the 3D experience to your website with the parallax scrolling effect - the options are endless. Just make sure to apply the 7 principles of design while you’re at it.

06. Add (happy) client reviews

Did you know that testimonials can improve your conversion rate by 34%? Nothing will help you look more reliable than authentic client reviews. The good news is that adding a new review to your website is also considered as new and fresh content! Time to let those search engines know that you produce happy customers. Do it solo, or use an app like Customer Reviews or MyReviews to get the most out of this important online practice.

07. Spice up your homepage

Added new photos to your portfolio? Your homepage has to reflect that same stunningness to the rest of the world. Other ways to keep your homepage up-to-date include: applying a new design, adding a blog strip, creating lightboxes, uploading sale banners, or simply impressing visitors with an inspiring photography quote… Oh, and that copyright notice in the footer? Make sure it’s updated to the current year. Otherwise, your website will look outdated, regardless of the fresh content it boasts.

08. Add some cool apps

When was the last time you visited the Wix App Market? We’d say that now is (always) a good time to do so, as it’s full of cool widgets that will jazz up your website. Here are just a few examples:

09. Get social-oriented

Promoting your business on social platforms? Or in less pompous words - using Facebook and Instagram to share your photos with followers? Don’t miss out on redeeming these content pieces into fresh updates for your website! Our suggestion: get a social app to do the job for you. Every post on your social accounts will find its way to a neatly-designed feed on your website, and will be considered a new piece of content. Look no further than the Instagram Feed app - an absolute must for photographers.

10. Embed videos to your site

Want to make your website more interactive and engaging? Throw in some videos, and potential clients are sure to bite. Video content is sure to pop when placed next to your still shots in the Wix Pro Gallery, and with Wix Video it’s easier than ever.

By Julia Ronen

Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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