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Tomorrow is August 19th 2017. A date like any other to the vast majority of people – but not to shutterbugs and image lovers, who are ready to celebrate World Photography Day. On the exact same day, 178 years ago, Frenchman Louis Daguerre invented the Daguerreotype, considered the first photographic process ever. Since then, the gear has considerably improved, and is getting more and more accessible. As a result, millions of people from all around are practicing this demanding – yet, so rewarding – form of art. From Alaska to Zimbabwe, their shots contribute to the “big picture” of modern photography.

Let’s embark together on a short, but fascinating photography journey. We’ll make ten stops, in order to meet ten of the most brilliant photographers on this big, blue planet. Despite their different backgrounds and genres (from fine art to food photography, you’ll get to taste a bit of everything), they all share the same passion for beautifully crafted photographs, that they publish on their Wix photography portfolios. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for takeoff!

Japan – Reiko Wakai

Reiko Wakai shoots fashion photography, but with a distinct twist. She works with acrobats, dancers or transgender models to take shots that are sure to take everyone by surprise. Everyone including the jury of the latest Wix Photography contest, “Capture Your Dream Photo”. Reiko was chosen out of thousands of photographers to get her dream come true: a photo shoot in Zero Gravity, with international model Stav Strashko. The result will take you to Cloud Nine… literally!

Australia - Alfonso Calero

Born and raised in the Philippines, Alfonso moved Down Under at the age of 15. Struck by the sublime sceneries of his (adopted) country, he started documenting it with a camera. His landscapes in particular show a tremendous mastery of the light, the gear, and the emotions. Alfonso is not only a photographer. He is also happy to transmit his knowledge on “photography trips” that he organizes all around the world. Your plans for your next vacation are officially set!

Spain – Carlos Villarejo

A blast of colors, a touch of grace and a lot of panache. Carlos Villarejo produced a series inspired by flamenco dancers and their distinctive dresses. A beautiful tribute paid by this acclaimed international photographer to its roots, in Spain. Olé!

France - Ludovic Baron

From Eva Longoria to Justin Bieber, they have all courted Ludovic Baron to take their portraits. Why? Because this insanely young and talented kid knows like no other exactly how to transform a picture into a painting-like piece of art, promising to reach eternity. You too will love to dive into his universe, mixing all sorts of cultural codes, and filled with a fantastic, unbridled imagination.

Israel - Matan Katz

Israel is a true melting pot. Not only of faiths and peoples, but of foods too. People came from all over, bringing with them in their suitcases, Yemenite, Japanese or German recipes. As a result, haute cuisine became a central part of this tiny country’s culture. Matan Katz’s work perfectly reflects (and glorifies) this obsession for calories. Hard not to lick your screen, right?

South Africa - Cheeky Ingelosi

Why should photography be all about shiny, glamorous things? When Janelia Mould, a.k.a. Cheeky Ingelosi, experienced depression, one of the first things she did was document the process she went through. To express what happened to her, she came out with this surrealistic series featuring a headless woman in various situations of her daily routine. The project, A Girl Called Melancholy, has since turned viral on social media, and helped raise awareness about this taboo disorder.

Dubai - Dory Younes

Dory Younes is originally from Dubai, but you’ll have better luck catching him on the next flight to God-Knows where. From the kimonos of Japan to the cars of Cuba, his camera captures the most iconic items of each country he visits. Cliché? On the contrary. His work definitely proves that, no matter how conventional it is, a subject is always reinvented by the eye of the photographer.

Vietnam - Thai Pham

Whether it’s a wedding shoot or a fine art project, Thai Pham’s photos always exhale this “je ne sais quoi” that makes them immediately recognizable. It may be their surreal and dreamy atmosphere. Or the omnipresence of nature in every shot - be it an entire forest or a single tree branch. We’ll let you find the answer in Thai Pham’s stunning portfolio.

Argentina –Diego Uchitel

Diego Uchitel started photography at a young age, portraying the patients of his physician father. Fast forward: the precocious teenager has now become a major fashion photographer, immortalizing the gods and goddesses of the cinema pantheon. His work on the human body and its beauty has landed him features by the most exclusive magazines - such as Elle, Vanity Fair or Harper’s Bazaar.

USA - Dalton Gaudin

For many, photography is the art of capturing the right moment. Dalton Gaudin’s work seems to demonstrate that it might actually be the moment after. Lots of his shots focus on what has just passed (like this fascinating whale shark’s tail), or what once was - and is not anymore (look at this skull, chastely hiding the “origin of the world”). In other words: Dalton invites his audience to see the world through what’s missing.

By Jonathan Sitbon

Editor-in-Chief of the Wix Blogs

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