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Wix Photo Albums: the Smartest Way to Share Photos with Your Clients

If you’ve been following our blog, you probably know that there’s much more to a photography website than just beautiful photos. For a good portfolio, you need to choose the right layout, write engaging content, make your site user-friendly, brand it properly, optimize it for search engines, and connect to all your social networks. And don’t forget to make it look good on mobiles too! But do you know what makes a photography website truly great? A well-thought-through feature to share photos with your clients. It will save you and them some precious time – and bring in new jobs along the way.

The difference we’re talking about between a good photography website and a great one is called Wix Photo Albums. Whether you’re an event frequenter, a studio dweller, a news junkie, or a landscape roamer – every commissioned photographer can benefit from this awesome (and free) tool. Here’s why and how you should start using Wix Photo Albums today:

All about Albums

Cutting straight to the chase, Wix Photo Albums lets you create beautiful stand-alone sites for your client’s photos – for free. No need to design or adjust anything: each album site is automatically branded with your contact info and linked to your main website. Your clients can view their album publicly or privately, select the photos they like, and share them on social, thus spreading the word about you. Whether images are downloadable is up to you: right-click protection is just one click away. The icing on the (wedding) cake? You can use your existing albums for promotional purposes and keep impressing clients by including albums you’re proud of in your sites main portfolio.

On top of providing an extremely smooth working process, Wix Photo Albums will boost your SEO and drive traffic to your website, without any additional effort on your side. More shares, more clients, more love ❤️

And now for the grand slam – you can create as many albums with as many photos as you wish, all for free!

How to create a photo album

Creating an album with Wix Photo Albums is easy breezy:

  • Add the Wix Photo Albums app.
    Go to the Wix App Market, type into the search “Wix Photo Albums” and click ‘Add app’ – or simply click here.
  • Now click ‘Access app’. If you’ve already installed it, you can access the app via your website’s dashboard.
  • Select the type of album you’d like to create (you can change these settings at any time later on).
  • Enter the photo shoot title and date.
  • Select a layout.
  • Upload the photos and click ‘Create Your Photo Album’.
  • Give it a scroll to make sure you’re happy with the outcome and hit ‘Publish’.
  • If you have a Premium plan and a domain, you can connect your album to your sub-domain.

Adding a Wix Photo Album Screenshot

It’s alive: the album is now published as a mini-website connected to your main website. Simply copy the link and send it to your client. USB’s are so 2001!

What photographers say about Wix Photo Albums

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of Wix photographers already published tons of albums on their sites? We could go on and on about the benefits of Photo Albums, but we’re too modest. Thank goodness our users say it better than us:

Wix Photo Albums Reviews

It always sounds better in French:

Wix Photo Album review in french

Any questions?

Will I lose any image quality in Photo Albums?
No. On the contrary, the image quality in Wix Photo Albums is the same as in our Pro Gallery, in two words: the best.

What image types are supported?
JPG is the recommended format. If your photos require transparency, you can upload them in PNG format too.
Please note that the size limit per photo is 15MB.

Is there a limit to the number of albums I can publish?
In one word – no. In a few words: you can publish as many albums as you want and need.

Is there a limit to the number of photos in an album?
You can upload up to 1,000 photos to a single album. Remember that the albums loading time is affected by the number and size of the photos you add.

Are albums published as separate websites?
Yes. For every album, a separate mini-site is created under your main website’s domain. For example, if your website’s address is “www.mywixphoto.com”, then your album’s URL will be: “albumname.mywixphoto.com”. The mini-site’s logo and title will link to your main website.

Can I create a gallery to showcase my albums on my main website?
Yes! You can choose to add every album you create to a gallery on your main website by default. If you choose to turn off this feature, you can create an albums gallery manually.

Will my client be able to download photos from the album?
That’s up to you 🙂 You can choose to protect images from right-click download if you like.

Can I protect an album with a password?
Yes. If you want your client to receive the photos privately, you can protect the album with a password. Only users who know the password will have access to it.

Ready to start sharing photo albums with your clients? Create a free photography website with Wix!

Julia Ronen
By Julia Ronen
Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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