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Showcases \ Jul 20th 2017

20 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Fall for Summer

I don’t know how about you, but the author of this article (aka yours truly) didn’t have a chance to go on a summer vacation this year. These words are being typed on a typical office desk, the natural habitat of keyborgs like me. Luckily, with the help of talented and adventurous photographers (who happily chose Wix to create their online portfolio), an imaginary trip to my dream holiday destination is right at my fingertips – and your eyes. Be it a breathtaking nature reserve, a scenic train route, or simply the sky above: the shutters are open for us to enjoy.

Would you like to experience the hottest season of the year in its most beautiful, diverse and authentic form, without leaving your couch? Then join our worldwide journey through Wix photographers’ most stunning photos of summer:

Summer, the factory of colors, by Cryssie Rivera

Where there is light, there are colors. And where there are colors, there’s Cryssie Rivera’s camera to capture them in the most joyful and playful form. This talented travel photographer organized her photos in her Wix website not by size or by topic, but by chroma! We’ve never seen a photo gallery that is actually a rainbow in itself, which is pretty amazing.

purple flowers in a jar in front of the sky yellow flowers on a sidewalk

A midsummer’s dream, by Jinxun Zou

Summer doesn’t go away if you close your eyes. On the contrary – it is even more intensified by the freedom of your imagination. The warm sunlight falling on our closed eyelids takes daydreaming to a whole new level. Now, the sky is the limit, and it is brighter than ever.
We don’t know where Dreamland is located, but Jinxun Zou’s images prove that there’s only one season that dominates its weather: summer.

art of turtle island in sea Man daydreaming on grass with flowers

Recollecting summer, by Samantha Mauro

10-20 years ago, when photo albums were burdening our shelves in the offline world, a quick flip through the glossy pages would instantly take you down your fondest memory lane. And that lane, most probably, had something to do with sand, small seashells, and first kisses. Samantha Mauro’s sentimental photos show us that summer is where memories are made.

Deserted boat on a sandy island girl eating ice cream in Hawaii

Time to go, by Siddhartha De

Discover new places, try new experiences, satisfy your curiosity… The doors are wide open, and the train is waiting just for you. No heat wave or summer storm will stop travelers at heart from following the path to their dream destination. Siddhartha De tells us that it’s time to leave everything behind, except for summer.

young woman in a train

bike leaned against the wall

Nature calls, by Ramona Bach

Feel the light breeze in your hair, and the water gently flowing through your (webbed) feet… Humans are not the only species to savor this magnificent time of year. The animal kingdom is ready to embrace the sun rays and warm waters with open arms, fins, and hooves.

geese horse in a meadow

The road to…, by Pierik Falco

A road might look endless, but there’s always an end to a journey. And if that end is where water starts, then it must have been the right road to follow. Be it a stream, a lake, an ocean or even a waterfall, the sound of water comes in many forms, but with one common trait – music to the soul. So if a road doesn’t take you to the beach, what is it good for?

a road Colorful port village


Roots to branches, by Manuel Gonzalez Romero

What is the most beautiful time of the year? We may not all agree on one answer, but the charm of summer can hardly be denied. It’s the time when plants spread their leaves wide, grow their stalks tall, and bloom to soak up all that positive energy, right down to the tip of their roots. Manuel’s photos mark the flora’s yearning to accept the summer with open branches.

Sunshine through a tree black and white - drops on leaves

Let’s get it started, by Janusz Daga

Bears are not the only ones who hibernate. When it’s cold, gray and wet outside, even the most hardcore reveler might find it hard to unleash their party animal. Summer, on the other hand, is a totally different story. Summertime means party time, melting your boundaries, and simply being your true and upbeat self.

children celebrating songkran Man in halfmoon party

Don’t worry, be happy, by Ido Biran

Could it be that happiness is simpler than we think? When we leave for vacation, we pack an entire suitcase, or even two. Ido Biran’s joyful photos remind us that to genuinely enjoy the summer, all you need is a bathing suit and ice-cream. You know what? Even just one of them might do.

Tel Aviv beach

ice cream on the beach

Your summer, your way, by Angelica Brachelente

Whether you’re hitting the water park, or just looking for a quiet spot to enjoy the weather – this laid-back pastime is where our real personalities show (and glow). Angelica managed to gently capture that elusive point in time, where people are not pretending to have fun just because they’re in front of the camera. They’re truly savoring the moment, each in their own way.

boy in floating thingy woman enjoying the sun


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Julia Ronen
By Julia Ronen
Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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