Wix Video: The All-in-One Tool to Showcase and Sell Your Videos Online

Calling all photographers, videographers, filmmakers and other video-related professionals: it’s time for your content to get a brand new and shiny home(page)! Introducing Wix Video – a revolutionary tool to showcase, promote and sell your videos online. Now you can take your online presence to the next level by showing all your work – straight from one stunning website. Everything has been thought through to satisfy even the most challenging needs of video creators – professional and amateurs alike.

First breakthrough: from now on, you won’t have to choose between your online portfolio, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook to publish your work. Wix Video is a centralized solution that extracts and displays the material from all these sources in one easy click. Highly convenient, this tool is exceptionally efficient too. Quality comes first: here you’ll get an optimal display of your films – on every device – that truly respects your art. Promotion is also part of the package, with advanced features to build and nurture your community of fans and clients. Finally, let’s talk business: Wix Video allows you to sell your videos – easily and 100% commission free!

Here’s a closer look at this game-changing tool and how you can use it in order to maximize the impact of your videos.

Show all your videos in one place

As a video creator, you probably upload your chef-d’oeuvres on several platforms. You most likely use YouTube for that SEO boost it gives your website, Facebook to engage with your followers, and Vimeo to impress all those hipsterish agents and talent-hunters. With so many accounts to manage, you’re bound to start getting confused (not to mention the headache of passwords). Plus, it makes it very hard for a potential client to have a complete picture of what you do.

Here’s where Wix Video comes in: From now on you can create channels on your website, and easily update them with your most recent pieces. You also have the option to feed them with your native files, uploaded from your desktop – and all formats are accepted, and you can store up to 100GB (nice!) with the free plan. But here comes the real hero: you can use videos that you’ve already published on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo – including live streams and 360 videos! All you have to do is copy and paste the link. This way, your website truly becomes what you expect it to be: the complete online portfolio of all your work, to share with your clients, colleagues and community.

Preserve the exact quality of your videos

As an artist who cherishes their art, quality is your number 1 concern when it comes to publishing your videos online. Video creators will tell you first-hand about the time, money and sleepless nights that are sacrificed in order to get the perfect production. So when all is said and done, there is nothing more irritating than discovering that your masterpiece has lost a chunk of pixels along the way or – God forbid! – that the resolution has been cropped.

Thankfully, Wix Video is based on adaptive streaming, a sophisticated technology that ensures both quality and performance. In simple terms, it means that your visitors will see your videos exactly how you intended them to, every time and on every device – desktop and mobile alike. Think of your videos as a precious stone: it only reaches its full potential after it’s set into a fine piece of jewelry or in this case, into your stunning website. This is why our designers came with two stunning layouts to display your content. The classic one is a neat frame, accompanied with a thumbnail to discover more clips. The other option is a full-width video strip that’s sure to captivate your visitors. In both cases, the visual is fully responsive, which means that your videos will automatically adapt to any screen and browser size.

Pro tip: You can also use Wix Video in your Wix Pro Gallery. It’s the ideal solution if you’re a photographer who also happens to shoot videos, and wants both types of content to be displayed side by side.

Grow and engage with your community of followers

If you didn’t know already: videos are the hottest content of 2017 – far beyond blog articles, images and even GIFs. On social, they reach tremendous amounts of engagement peaks, and on a website, they convert visitors into clients more effectively than an armada of sales representatives. It’s no surprise that: more and more small businesses use video to boost their online presence. As a photographer or a videographer, it’s time to claim your part of the success and start growing your own vibrant community.

Wix Video allows you to do just that. How? By giving you the ability to create channels your visitors can subscribe to. By adding an email sign up, you’ll collect tons of valuable email addresses to grow your fan base. Every new subscriber will automatically appear on your contact list. You’ll then be able to chat with them through Wix Engage, or send a nice email every time you have exciting news to share. This way, they’ll never miss one single episode of their favorite show: yours!

Monetize your videos, 100% commission free

If you make a living off creating videos or photos, you of all people know how the Internet has dramatically changed the rules of the game. While the competition becomes fiercer and fiercer, the online world has also opened up the playing field in finding new clients and business opportunities. To get the most out of it, you need a website equipped with state-of-the-art options to sell your works. Wix Video enables you to do just that – and much more.

You can choose between selling subscriptions to a video or a channel, a temporary pass for 24, 48 or 78 hours, or a monthly subscription. All you have to do is upload your file and set the price and currency. To optimize your sales, Wix Video allows you to add a short trailer that will tease your audience (it can be one that you created, or an automatically generated 20 sec clip). Every time a visitor makes a purchase, you’ll receive a notification email and the money will be directly wired into your PayPal account. The best part? Wix Video is 100% commission free. No hidden costs and absolutely no ads displayed on your videos. It’s your work, and so are the profits!

Check your stats in real-time

Revel in how much people love your craft. Wix Video has a robust backend that gives you access to all your videos’ stats: views, social shares, generated revenue and more. You’ll know everything, day after day. With that kind of intel’, you’ll be able to constantly improve your display methods and promote your work to larger audiences.

How to add Wix Video to your website

You’ll find Wix Video in the ‘Add’ panel, on the left part of your Editor. All you have to do is click the plus sign (+) and then ‘Video’. You can also install the app in a click from the Wix App Market. Here’s how to upload your first video on your website:

1. Personalize the design by clicking ‘Settings’ and then ‘Layout’. You have 2 layout options. Every aspect of the design is fully customizable, from the shape of the buttons to the size of the texts.

2. Add your video, clicking ‘Manage videos’, and then ‘Add Videos’ in the ‘Video Library’ section. You have 2 different options here. The first is adding the URL of any YouTube, Vimeo of Facebook video. The other is by uploading the files directly from your computer.

3. Configure by clicking ‘Manage Videos’, and selecting the one you want to set. In the Edit page, you’ll find a detailed list of fields. Fill them as much as you can to boost your video’s SEO. Then fill in all the credits, namely: title, category (series, commercial, drama, etc.), director’s name or casting. You have full control over everything.

4. Set the price. Click ‘Manage Videos’, picking the flick of your choice and entering the ‘Info’ section. You can then set the price, currency and type of transaction (rent, purchase or subscription) you want to allow.

5. Publish. Your videos are ready to conquer the Internet – or at least your devoted and enthusiastic community of fans. Your visitors are now able to watch your creations, share them on their social pages and purchase them all in one click.

By Jonathan Sitbon

Editor-in-Chief of the Wix Blogs

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