Your Instagram Marketing Guide for Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly and hands-on with your eCommerce business. According to Deloitte’s Holiday Retail Survey, 60% of shoppers gift-hunt for their loved ones online, spending an average of $870 on eCommerce sites. As shoppers prowl the web for the best deals and last-minute gifts, you want them to find your store and products.

Creating and growing an online presence, on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, is a must these days. Good news: the holidays are the perfect chance to get your brand out there.

Here’s your Instagram marketing guide to growing your social media presence during the holiday season. Do it right, and you’ll convert happenstance shoppers to loyal customers. #Goals.

How to Christmas on Instagram

To grow your online store’s presence during Christmas, a holiday-focused Instagram marketing strategy is needed. Savvy business owners carve out a period of time during the holidays, such as the 12 days before Christmas, and create at least one festive Instagram post per day.

The goal is to give shoppers a reason to frequently visit and engage with your Instagram account, eventually leading them to your online store. Plus, it’s a fun way to get more followers, increase engagement and ultimately—boost your sales.

12 Instagram Post Ideas for the Holidays

First, you need to make sure your online store is ready for the season. Show your holiday spirit: dress up your storefront, update product descriptions and put together attractive bundles. Once your site’s good to go, it's time to get the word out.

Instagram is a colorful and entertaining world brimming with marketing opportunities. Each strategy has its own advantages and targets a different aspect of online marketing.

Here are 12 creative ideas for holiday-focused posts. Make sure you invent your own unique cocktail of Instagram posts to cover your bases and captivate your followers.

01. Pitch Your Products

The bulk of your content should be Instagram posts and Stories featuring your products. Create a mood and embody a lifestyle with photos and videos. You can try a flat lay shot or Boomerang for more variety. Here’s an inspiring photo grid from Kaekoo, using holiday decor to sprinkle their products with some Christmas cheer.

Don’t forget to write engaging captions and add product tags to convert shoppers, like COS did here.

02. Start a Holiday Sales Campaign

Seasonal sales are as inevitable as twinkling Christmas lights and gingerbread cookies. Entice followers with great deals that are hard to refuse. This is also your chance to use trending hashtags and create brand-focused hashtags for your sale.

03. Create a Contest or Giveaway

Contests and giveaways are a great way to attract new followers and promote your brand. They generate a buzz and keep your business in shoppers’ minds. Set a clear goal, pick a great prize and choose the type of social media contest you’d like to run. Celebs on Sandwiches executed this perfectly with a 24-hour giveaway on Christmas Day.

04. Repost User-Generated Content (UGC)

Share posts and Stories of your customers getting, unboxing and using your products. Most people enjoy being featured by brands they love. Plus, happy customers make for great testimonials. Get customers to share their experiences and rave about your products: just tell them to tag your Instagram account.

05. Showcase Limited Edition Items

Creating products and bundles made specifically for the holidays demonstrates that you’re a savvy retailer with shoppers’ needs in mind. For example, check out this Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards sale promoting a limited edition Christmas sweater.

To add holiday-themed products without inventory or fulfillment hassles, connect to a dropshipping marketplace.

06. Take Followers Behind the Scenes (#BTS)

Reveal the inner workings of your eCommerce business. Snap a photo or video of your preparations for the holidays. For example, you can show orders that are about to be shipped. Another option is featuring “the real you”. Share your brand’s origin story and team, the hard-working faces behind the products, like The Spice Suite does in this post.

07. Do a Reverse Unboxing

Shoot a video post, Story or IGTV of your team assembling a product order from start to finish, until it’s ready to be shipped. This is a cool post that shows shoppers a BTS of your products. Use the time-lapse function on your phone, or Instagram’s Hyperlapse app for best results.

08. Reveal New Products & Exclusive News

Let followers be the first to know about exciting new products and important brand updates. You can also share a business milestone, like the 200th order of the month. For example, Happy Mallows revealed a new marshmallow line featuring exclusive retro Christmas packaging.

09. Talk to Followers in a Live Video

Show interest in your followers by doing a live video session. You can answer questions, show off your products and go behind-the-scenes. Announce the date of your live stream in advance and invite your followers to tune in. Remember: it’s a live video, so come with a general idea of what you want to say.

10. Make Your Stories Timeless

Instagram Stories have a lifespan of 24 hours. Use them to easily share retail highlights, sales and important updates. To let your Stories permanently live on your profile (until you remove them), create a dedicated highlight reel per subject, like Christmas, Winter Collection and more.

11. Engage with Story Stickers

Another way to communicate with potential customers are through Instagram Story stickers. You can do so much with this feature: ask a question, add hashtags, start a poll, tag a location, countdown to an event and more.

12. Stay Seasonal

This one’s easy. Simply create posts that are fun and festive. Share your adorned Christmas tree, events in your area or your favorite holiday-related meme. Here’s an example by Fine Frenchie, who posted an original print showing their Christmas spirit.

Why Instagram?

If you haven’t created your Instagram account yet, now’s the time. A business profile on Instagram adds to your professional credibility as a brand. According to the social media giant, 60% of users say they discover new products on the platform. You have so much to gain by harnessing the power of Instagram.

10 Best Instagram Practices

01. Post consistently.

Brands with a strong Instagram presence post at least 1.5 times per day, or 3 times over a 2-day period. Posting on a regular basis makes followers visit your account frequently. Make sure to check the best time to post on Instagram.

02. Get more followers.

The bigger your Instagram following, the greater the chance of customer conversion. Research the best way to gain a significant following for your business.

03. Choose your style and stay consistent.

Use eye-catching visuals and spark interest with great captions. Be humorous, informative, engaging and always keep your target audience in mind.

04. Update your bio.

Your bio is a short summary of your business. It should include the most important details, like a direct link to your eCommerce website, current sales and brand hashtag.

05. Stay on-trend and seasonal.

Scope out your competition and stay updated on trends. Incorporate the ones that suit your business. Add a seasonal touch that celebrates holidays and special events. For example, you can customize your Instagram profile pic with a seasonal logo.

06. Research hashtags for your business.

Hashtags help potential customers find you, because they increase traffic and discoverability. Add them to each post or Story you create. Even better: think of a brand-focused hashtag that’s unique to your online store and use it every time you post.

07. Connect with your followers.

Speak to your followers. Prompt them to engage with open-ended questions and encourage them to tag their friends. Creating opportunities to connect with your followers will keep you in their minds and sustain a loyal following in the long term.

08. Create a social media content calendar.

Planning is key. To make posting consistently more feasible, create most of your social content beforehand. Source images, write your text and prepare UGC. Then, organize and schedule your posts. Stay on top of things with a post scheduling app like Hootsuite.

09. Be yourself.

Think about your niche and what you bring to the table. Create original, high-quality content that keeps your followers coming back for more.

10. Have fun with it!

Daniella Dukes

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